Random Randomness #5/08


Random Confessions:
I just have a feel that somewhere as we continue to live, we become caricatures of our own thoughts, somethings I totally believed in have been thrown out of the mind over the years, even in the short time where I have been collecting my weekly thoughts over here in my randomness posts, I seem to be contradicting so many of my own thoughts, why is it this way?.
Contradictions are still fine, I can still stand contradictions, what I am worried about are things we stick on to just for the sake of sticking on. I mean, just because we felt strongly for something some time, we tend to continue blindly to support the same view point, even though our actions are totally in the opposite direction. It looks so stupid when we say something, just because we have been saying that from long time, and then the very next moment do something which is against what you just said, thats when you look foolish. How many times have you felt, that “Hey!, common, wait, I shouldn’t do this, I am against this”.. many times isn’t it?.

Random Thoughts:
When I read my own post “Extremes” this week, only think that I could think of was how much I myself am guilty of faking, when I am sad or low, or even when I am kind of disappointed, or even when I am feeling a particular emotion, I generally don’t like to give it out, and as I always claim, I have the mask put on. However, There is one emotion which is very difficult for me to hide, or may be its just lately, I have become too bad at masking this emotion, the emotion being happy. Recently I had a nice conversation with my manager at work, and there was something he said which made me very happy, I wanted to control and not show my happiness, but I could not stop grinning ear to ear. I should learn better control of my emotions :). He for once could easily make out that I am happy. Not good….

Random Criticism:
I had a contrasting work week, as I said before I did have a very happy day and immediately had a honest conversation with a good friend of mine. A senior, friend, and someone I closely interact with work wise and otherwise. He did point out the small mistakes I do at work, and where he thought I could improve a lot. I don’t think I can call it criticism, its his way of helping me out. I did think over it for couple of days.. I think I have some things planned out to work on those areas. Apart from work too, I did get some criticism from a friend of mine from the virtual world. I feel probably its easier for others to spot where we are going wrong, or where we can improve, it feels good to have such people around.

Random Regrets:
Somehow this week, I missed few people around. I wanted someone for a round of coffee in the weekend, a dinner on Friday night, and a long chat on Sunday morning.. somethings I have been missing over last couple of weeks. In fact I saw an advertisement about high discount sale at PUMA, and wanted to go there, I was feeling bored to go alone, so I pulled my dad along :)..It had been long time since he came along with me to buy something, it feels good to get back to older ways. Still, as I said before, I think I missed some of my friends on almost every day of this week. One such weeks. Guys out there get those telepathic signals, call me up, send me an email, do something.

Random Foodie:
Foodie is back with a bang this week, It all began with a party on Thursday night with a north karnataka special dinner at a local restaurant.. Friday afternoon was a lunch out at Samarkhand, not a new place, but one I had not been somehow for this long. Even though the prices were over the top, the food was excellent, and I liked almost all of it. Friday night was a home cooked palak paneer and nice pulkhas, Saturday evening suddenly I felt the urge to eat a good dosa, so there I went to have davangere benne masala dosa near gandhi bazaar, Sunday was a good home cooked peas palav from mom. Foodie weekends rock.

Random Desires:
I recently started writing fiction, something I wanted to do from a long time. I could not get myself to write fiction, somehow I seem to be trying from last month or so. One thing I want to try writing about romance. I have never written anything romantic, there was a prompt last week to try sonnet, I wanted to do that, but again I went blank, I had no clues.
I would like to try something of this genre soon. Is it true that we write about only what we experience?, I somehow never feel about a romantic subject. I want to, but have not been able to so far.

Random humor:
I am growing old, 26 and old, no way, you might say. Well my beard seems to disagree. Spotted on Sunday couple of strands of white hair on the chin. Now isn’t that old?


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  1. i have some strands of (visible) white hair and I’m only 21. man, now i feel older…

    Ask a guy white hair on the chin. I mean white beard feels a lot more older ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. white hair… uh you old thing ๐Ÿ˜› You gonna write about romance.. hmm I wonder what that will be like ๐Ÿ™‚

    I want to, really write about romance.. lets see how it turns out

  3. I think fiction is a good idea. You write well Rambler. And no I don’t think we need to experience what we write (I write a lot of fiction) but certainly we need to feel. I think you do feel about romantic things…I remember that post you made about the girl you saw….

    I did write couple of fiction posts.. but romance I am not being able to write about.

  4. Ha, when you’re my age you may consider talking about growing old – and even I, now heading well into to the wrong side of middle age refuse to think about growing old – it’s all a perception and attitude of mind! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Brilliant news that you’re thinking of writing some fiction – go for it and have fun with it – and yes, we do write what we know about, in some way or other.

    he he well I agree,. but my body is not agreeing ๐Ÿ˜€
    hey I did write fiction, romance is what I was thinking about.

  5. SLAP…that’s for saying 24 is old! I’m ten (or so…ahem) years your senior and here’s some advice….hehe…
    Confessions and thoughts go hand in hand:You will get to an age that you have something to say and you will say it whether or not anyone wants to hear it. You will ‘grow’ out of your fake emotions, I can see it happening just in your writings and your changing of blogs. You’re are becoming more free in expressing yourself. A contradiction can be immediate or you just had a different view point and you changed your mind, nothing wrong with that! You wait, some day something will come spewing out of your mouth and you’ll turn around to see who said it! so contradictions will be less and less….
    Honesty really is freeing but the consequences aren’t at times, so try not to be as free as me….

    Critism sucks at times but if you take it properly, like it seems you have, it can help you and make things better. I love it when others critize my writings (the critism that helps, not the attack kind) because that helps me be better and I need all the help I can get!
    Regrets; I got nothing…:D
    Foodie; never heard of that before, what is it?
    Desires, my dear don’t feel bad about not writing romance. If it truly is a dream of yours then go for it but I’m not romantic and thank goodness my hubby isn’t either (I prefer to say I’m a realist, although many would disagree and say pessimist) and I think romance novels are over rated. (I wonder how many people are going to come to my blog and yell me for that one?) Mushy is easy to write…(Ok, so this one of those turn around and see who said that moments)
    Humour: ha ha…..Ok, I’m grinning and I do want to say thank you for your truthful heartfelt comment on my meme….I do enjoy coming here and visiting you and keep writing! You have much insight for an (slap myself) ‘old’ rambler! seriously, if you hadn’t said your age, I wouldn’t of guessed!

    Just Jen,
    HA HA liked the SLAP ๐Ÿ™‚
    Foodie is something I call myself when I am all out to eat ๐Ÿ˜€
    JJ believe me I am totally with you when you say romance novels are overrated, but I can never say that to emotions, so a truly felt romance must be too a good emotion to feel

  6. We are just human and can’t always live up to our own ideals. But that doesn’t matter at least we are striving to do what we think we have to do, than we are on the right track.
    I am a very emotional person and easily cry or laugh in public. I know it is not always acceptable culturally but I don’t mind anymore. I am who I am. Not showing happiness is completely foreign to me. Nobody would mind that
    I look forward to your romantic tale. I am sure you can do it.

    Marja, We have to try to live up don’t we?
    Thanks Marja for the support.

  7. when 26 somethings call themselves old, where does that leave us? ๐Ÿ™‚

    do write what challenges you, excites you interests you…and you can’t write about romance…hmm i remember a post about a glance, a girl…*chuckle…

    Older ๐Ÿ˜€ … hehheh
    well I think I can’t, lets see.

  8. I had a friend who started spotting “gray” hair before we were even out of high school…by the way, gray hair is nice. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I sometimes feel totally opposite w/ emotions, sometimes I feel I have to “mask ON” an emotion…not cover it up.

    Hehhe Silver, I am talking about white beard ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think thats a new thing for me to think about, mask on the emotion.

  9. Your words on contradiction sparked a thought. To me, life is a contradiction. Everything seems to contradict everything else, and we’re pulled this way and that, meeting paradox because of the contradictions, which leaves an enigma wrapped up in a mystery.
    I’ve decided that, since everything contradicts, it is never sensible to do anything to the extreme. Rather, be moderate. Because in a moderate frame of mind, the edges disappear from the contradictions and we can find a path.

    I am sorry, I do not agree.. I do not think taking the moderate way out is the right option, if we believe in something we should stick to it strongly..

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