Random Randomness #6/08


Random Thoughts:
Recently I read a comment “here“, even though I thought the whole post was with a sense of humor, my eyes did catch a comment which said about about being tongue tied when guys approach a thinking woman. Lets forget about the distinction of being a thinking women, and take women in general, how many of the men really approach a woman and talk freely. I guess there is a lot of difference with boy approaching a girl, and a man approaching a woman. I have seen and have myself been at one point of life in the category where the shyness in approaching a person of opposite sex was very high. I think somewhere we grow out of it, may be that is called maturity, or may be we just grow up. Coming back to the comment about thinking man/woman, I do not think there is anyone who does not think, may be the topics we think about may vary, and also our sensibilities.

Random update:
Driving classes, I have finally started ticking of things I planned to do in next two years. I started my driving classes last week. Waking up early was never an issue for me, but it had been quite a while since I got scoldings from some one, when my driving instructor scolds me early in the morning sometimes, I feel like being in my primary school, where my teacher used to scold me for not doing my work properly. It is almost the same environment as before,where I do some silly mistakes and the instructor is all set to pounce on me. Its still all in fun 🙂

Random Reality:
Last week has been really taxing mentally, I had a feeling of an unknown urgency, an unknown mental blockage, I was not able to think for most of the week. It all changed on Friday, as I reached home a little early, there was a big power cut, for about two hours, I had nothing to do, I was laying on the bed, that cleared my anxiety very much. I began to think again properly, and for a change, the unscheduled power cut in my locality had a great soothing effect on me. Well I did receive some comments about writing block on my post of Thursday, more than the writier’s block, it was my mental blockage which was making me very anxious, I am glad to be out of it

Random changes:
For starters I hate to change my routine life, more importantly I hate to change things associated with me. It took almost more than 2 years for my cousin to make throw out my old outdated mobile. I guess I am guilty of attaching too many memories to things. This week I finally am going to move onto a different number, I mean I am changing my network provider, it had been Hutch from last 5 years, and the same mobile number for as long as I can remember. Finally they have lost my loyalty and me my number. Not that many people call me on my mobile.. still its something which I brought with my first earned salary, even though I lost the instrument the number had a lot of memories associated with it.

Random Nostalgia:
Speaking of mobile phones, and memories, the week had a lot of nostalgia associated with it. Somehow I was ending up remembering many people and incidents from the past, not just the incidents even the movies I saw, kind of had memories associated with it. The week had some interesting movies being shown early in the morning in one of the channels, just in time of my breakfast when I get to have 20 mnts of TV time. Why do we do this, why do we associate memories with things around us. Its not just a movie, its the people who have watched with, the state of mind I was in when i watched the movie.
BTW, that reminds me, Its been quite sometime since I watched “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”.. should catch it on DVD

Random quotes:
This was an interesting observation made my fellow blogger shefaly on one of my posts extremes. “Rambler: Have you considered an academic career? I notice you notice things (empirical data) and then try and identify a pattern (define algorithm or propose hypothesis) around them. And of course, from what we know, you are not married so this discussion is purely academic, no? 😉
Actually this kind of surprised me, she might have just joked about this, but does Rambler really do this?, hypothesize a lot on available data and experiences?..


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  1. Rambler: You are still thinking about that? 🙂

    On that random quote, you replied saying “Don’t we all hypothesise?” or something similar. We probably do too but I made that remark because many of your posts are hypothesising. Some bloggers go a step further and give their opinions and wait for others to challenge them with additional data.

    Smart ones of course explore both sides in ample detail and can defend either side of the argument, depending on their mood 😉

    yes still thinking about it and the academic career. so which category do I belong 😉

  2. I always wonder why men are reluctant to approach women. I mean this is probably a very XXFactor perspective but it always seem so much more difficult for a woman to go up and talk to a man. From experience (own and observed) I think men are not quite comfortable with a woman making the first move. So for a woman, it’s a matter of sitting and waiting and hoping the guy who catches her eye will make the move. Or just shrug and move on. There’s just no other choice!!

    IdeaSmith, I think it is always difficult to approach someone when you are not sure about your intentions, or more importantly have a feeling that your intentions are wrong, in most cases its just a notion that it is wrong mainly created by the people around him/her or while growing up what he/she has seen.
    I would have to disagree with you, I personally would feel great if an woman made a move on men, and I am not so sure about other men, but have a feeling they would love it. I think in most of the cases men are expected to make the move, and many men like me chose not to do that, because its just badly inscribed in our minds that what we are doing is something wrong,
    As I said before its just a wrong notion, a mental block.

  3. My 17yo will start his driving lessons soon as well. His father wants him to drive NOW but I’m in no hurry. How do you like driving?

    Well it has been good so far 🙂

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