Awards time


Last week one of the days, as usual I was reading blogs on my reader when I came across this post Roll Out the Red Carpet – A Night at the Vanilla Awards by Absolute Vanilla… (& Atyllah) . Thank you so much for so many awards that you have passed on to me Vanilla.

Vanilla writes from South Africa, giving us all an insight into the natural beauty of the surroundings. On of the many things she writes, and always attracts me is about the humanity, we get used to simple things in life around the world, and it needs immense observation to see what really is happening socially in your part of the world, and she does write about them with tremendous insights, and she is a great photographer too.

Here are the things she has passed onto to me




Thanks once again Vanilla, for these beautiful awards.
Now comes the tough job, passing it onto more people. I think I am going to be a little greedy and pass it onto everyone in the blog world, becase so many people whom I don’t read regularly make my day when I accidentally discover their blogs. There are so many people who have such powerful words coming out of them in their blogs, some I get to read, and many whom I haven’t found yet.  The people all around the world have accepted each other in blog world with so much respect, so the big heart award as well should be given to thousands of people who are willing to share their ideas, thoughts and feeling across this world.


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  1. Those were lovely awards.. congratulations!! rushing now.. will be back to read your flirting tale

    Thanks, yeah come back for the the other tale 🙂

  2. No better person to award than you Rambler!!! And thanks for the comments to bloglandia, it is a good place indeed… with many who I have come to cherish, some long time running, some only in one post, but important all the same. We are quite fortunate!!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Thanks Lea

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