Questions, Questions are what I have.


Should we judge our capability based on what others are capable off?. If I have a master’s degree, and you have bachelors, and the he just has a degree, does this mean I must have more capability than you and him?. If I am doing the same work as a person who has done Bachelors in science, than does it mean I am not working at a level much lesser than what I am capable of?. Should one always work at the brim of their capability?


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  1. Very interesting question
    At my previous job, I had a good friend who came from an REC, another from IIT and I was from a regular engg college.. all the 3 of us had done our bachelors, did the same job and were equally good at it.. and we had the same arguments ๐Ÿ˜›

    After knowing all this, did it ever change the way you looked at your capability?, did you ever feel less or more capable?

  2. I worked at an office of a franchisecompany. We had some very capable people there who had helped building the company. it grew fast. The company became more complex and they thought they needed someone with a degree. That person was good eventually but had no practical skills whatsoever and thought theory and practise are the same. Didn’t work. Luckily he was adaptable and not a “i know it better” What I want to say. is that a degree or master degree is only part of your skills. Your capabilities depends on a lot more.

    Marja, Hmm yes its only part of our skills, somehow people seem to expect more out of themselves when they see others with knowledge do things same as them.

  3. Well I agree and disagree. ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously I am nt being diplomatic ๐Ÿ˜€

    When one gets into a job; the degrees and more than that the institution play a role to get you shortlisted. Many employers prefer specific degree and specific institutions. Rest all depends upon your knowledge and part of luck.

    one can not generalize that only IIT/IIM breed is greatest; but yes these institutions provide a different carrier paths and growth patterns altogether.

    But it is fact that not every one can get there ; so it does not mean it is end of life; without these platforms also one can suceed greatly in Life and can be equally capable.

    the degrees and institutions are not thr enough standards to compare capabilities of two people. There are other factors that goes in as well.

    P.S : I guess you got the numbers ๐Ÿ˜‰ a wild guess ….or may be I am reading between the lines ๐Ÿ˜€

    BlueMist, I really did not have opportunities in mind over here, what I was thinking about was that its really good to be better, or thinking about improving your capabilities, but should you do this because you are doing the same work as the other person who is less qualified than you [only because he has a lesser degree]
    BTW I did not get your PS ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. @ Rambler:

    “Should one always work at the brim of their capability?”

    I assume you equate “capability” with “potential”. So I ask why not. Why should one not always (at least strive to) work to realise their potential?

    Shefaly, One should always strive to work to their potential, but “work” need not necessarily mean at your profession, or rather your profession is not always everything in life, so if one works beyond his potential, it also means he/she needs to compromise on other things, so what If I like to relax a little, enjoy smaller things in life, take 10 mnts to sip my morning cup of coffee. does this mean I am not carrier minded?

    That said, the reality addresses the rest of the thoughts you articulate in this post. In my experience, the factor that makes all the difference is “motivation”. Most people would not know how to judge it if it slapped them in the face, but you see employers all seeking “motivation” in potential employees. I have seen some perfectly gifted people waste away their potential because they are not self-motivated enough to care. However if they want to live with themselves not being the best they can be, well, let them be.

    PS: On the comparison of degrees, it IS true, ceteris paribus, that degrees from some Universities and institutions are considered more worthy. Rightly so. The rigour of the intake process of these institutions is well-known and trusted and has, over time, contributed to building a strong brand equity which can suffer if they do not keep up standards. It is low-risk hiring at its best. Hiring the wrong people costs companies a lot of money and if they can minimise their risk, they will and they should.

    I agree that motivation plays an important role, what if some point of carrier I feel more motivated to life in general, rather than my profession which is just a portion of my life? May be those perfectly talented people had their priorities different. I would not say they wasted their potential. I am not saying I am any of this, or any of this is an absolute answer, but just that its been on my mind this week, and am still trying to find my own stand on these.

  5. was faced with the same dilemma when i had to choose between two hospitals…
    one had medical residents who had like me,completed their mbbs…
    and the other had all ‘ayurvedic doctors’ for medical officers…
    both the hospitals were equally good…but i still preferred to choose the former…
    not that i belittle ‘ayurvedic doctors’ but somewhere i felt that probably the latter environment wouldent be challenging enough…maybe i am guilty of being a lil biased …

    dunno if it was stupid of me to do that…the fact that the former offered me a much huger pay packet managed to rub away the guilt …(though only i know that wasent the real reason why i chose it)

    Pri, I think I was totally thinking in other direction here ;).. just wondering what would one day when priorities change, would we value carrier in the same aspect, would we chose to work below our potential and give more importance to other things in life.
    Also comparison with others, when we feel kind of jealous that I deserve more, only because he/she is also getting what I get.

  6. well if u have a masters, you had lot more money and time ๐Ÿ˜‰
    and I have bachelors because I prefered to earn first ๐Ÿ™‚
    the other qs?! well on a techie level, [I THINK] masters is jus polishing the basics you learn at bachelors level ;)[ compare it with a guy with GF/ a guy who is married ]
    So when we both get into jobs, you have a better understanding.. but then I also catch up.. because man.. I cannot be the last can I?
    well I have NEVER thought of this thing dammitt! suddenly I feel better to be bachelors and working with masters ๐Ÿ™‚

    veens, I would really like to sit and discuss why I chose not to have masters with you some times, looks like that discussion would be interesting :), BTW all “Me”, “you” and “him” in this post were fictious ๐Ÿ˜€
    Hmm masters with knowledge VS bachelors with experience totally different topic ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Should one always work at the brim of their capability?

    Well maybe!! maybe not depends ๐Ÿ˜‰
    For me.. the newbie.. no philosophies plain masti kinds.. when u start working you need to work beyond the capabilities.. just to get that permanent letter…
    Once you are in the “now I am SAFE” zone…relax a bit ๐Ÿ˜‰
    but well in todays world.. if you dnt perform.. they throw you out decently look at TCS!

    but at another level.. maybe sometimes it is good enuf to just be a lil bit lazy!

    waow.. I lov being lazy !

    For a newbie, being there done that, I think the world is very much different, its more what you realize over time that changes the way you thinh. I feel one can never be in a safe zone, if he/she can, they will feel safe even as a newbie
    Being lazy and not working to the potential can be different, as I said before priorities and realizations might change you

  8. to answer
    should you do this because you are doing the same work as the other person who is less qualified than you [only because he has a lesser degree]
    Well if two people do same work ; in the same way The HR will be in trouble. The Bell Curve concept will rule out. Bottom line in any of job ; one has to show performance irrespective of bachelors or masters otherwise they will throw you out.
    If I decide to do Masters ; I would have my own reasons for that. I would not get into this comparison. It will not take anywhere.

    BlueMist, One has to show performance for sure, One can show highest level of performance, but know internally he/she is capable of much more, so what would he/she do now?

  9. It could be my views. okay ? Performance is not a stationary thing. You set a goal , Give your best to reach there and the raise the bar . Success is a journey after all. You need to surpass your own capabilities that you proved last time. It is competing with your own self than someone else.

    With respect to numbers one of my manager says ” People are happy when they see their numbers. the discomfort arises when they hear about others numbers !! ”

    Would like to disagee with him and somewhere I feel it is true ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    BlueMist, I totally respect your view, I used to believe in the same thing about competing with the self, somewhere I got this question as to why should I compete. To be honest, In my case as well it is true, I think I am more happy with my numbers, but not so much when it is compared to others in the market.

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