Random Randomness #8/08


Random Guilt:
One of my not so friendly friend had an unfortunate event over the last week, by “not so friendly” I mean someone who I have never been able to tolerate much, somehow I have ended treating the person as one from a non existent rival camp :). I kind of had warned him that it might happen, and it did happen, now there are chances that it might turn worse. Now whenever I think about the incident and the possibilities in future, I feel sad for that person, and sometimes I feel person deserved it. Amidst all this, I kind of hope nothing worse happens to the person, the question thats haunting me these days, is why am I feeling this way?, why am I wanting good for him?, is it because of a guilt that once upon a time, I wanted something bad to happen to the person?, or is it because of a fear of being watched? I mean am I feeling this way only to please the Guy up above so that he does not give me any problems?.

Random Faith:
Suddenly my faith in the all powerful person up above seems to have increased. There is an old saying in kannada “Sankata bandaga venkata ramana”, which means that only when there is a problem we seem to remember the GOD. There have been no major problems in my life as such right now, but even the small issues I seem to be falling to a path of faith in the unknown power and more importantly blind faith in praying. Do any of you go through these spells, where your belief in GOD for no reason shoots up?, or for that matter belief in any other super power. I think when we enter a stage where there is hardly anything we can do to control something, we just hope that someone/something will control the things for us.

Random Realities:
It all started when my friend P called me up last sunday late at 10:30PM, I had gone to bed at 9:30 itself so, I was well into my deep sleep. I woke up and spoke to him for about 30 mnts, but my sleep cycle got screwed, no I did get sleep afterwards, but somehow a mental feeling of inadequate sleep was with me all last week. I was not getting proper sleep, I ended up waking up 2/3 times in almost all nights this week, all this meant that my evenings used to be screwed up, with a sleepy me, cribbing about anything and everything at home. BTW does it make me sound like a cranky toddler?

Random Observations:
I generally loose temper very easily, I think one of the reasons for it is lack of patience. Last week when I lost temper couple of times, I was kind of analyzing what could be the reason for that, I was surprised to find out that, on all that days I was very hungry, I mean as soon as I come home from work, I am generally very hungry and I will be looking forward for my dinner, this is the time I am most vulnerable, if someone tries to mess with me at this period, I very easily loose temper. As soon as I have my dinner, somehow I am a lot more calmer, and I tend to ignore smaller irritations. Have you ever felt this?

Random Coincidence:
Thursday morning, as I was getting ready for my breakfast, as soon as I saw the dish, the only person who came to my mind was my friend S, it was her favorite dish, so was thinking of the days when I used to pack her some of it. After breakfast I totally forgot about this, only late in the afternoon until I got a call from S, saying she is back in town for a day. Busy schedules for both of us meant that we could not meet, but still we did have couple of long phone calls. What a coincidence right?

Random Foodie:
Looks like my stomach is really upset with me for not providing it the usual foodie stuff, so I decided to do something about it, Wednesday evening I gave my stomach a ride towards a local chat corner, and it was treated with couple of plates of masala puri and pani puri. Friday lunch was at kundh in 100 ft road, where I tried a real nice curry, and the Indian garlic bread was awesome. Sunday morning was a treat with Masala Dosa..Foodie days are slowly coming back.

Random Pursuits:
Last but not the least, this week over at pure pursuits I was talking about platonic friendships, I have spoken about that many a times over here too, this time it was from a   different point of view, something that got sparked due to a article in one of the newspaper. Here it is “Platonic, what’s that?”


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  1. Well, I guess we really don’t mean it when we wish something bad on others (atleast most of the times), so it makes sense when we feel a tad bit guilty about such feelings when the person concerned actually is in trouble.

    As for the foodie part, good to know that. 🙂

    CR, I liked the way you said “Atleast most of the times”,

  2. I think you did the right thing to ignore somebody you get annoyed with. It’s better not spent energy on that. I usually try to do that if it is possible. Gives the smallest amount of friction
    oh don’t loose your temper rambler relax
    Don’t know what you were eating but it mut be good. very reasontly I tried Indian food for the first time and loved it.
    Platonic friendships. Had some in my life as long as you have a romantic oe as well.

    Marja, Loosing temper is bad I know, but I somehow have gotten to a habit of it. Glad you liked Indian food.

  3. I tend to lose my patience when I am tired…and since I’m often tired due to my work schedule and everything else I can be pretty bad tempered at times. It used to be worse though. 🙂

    Silver, Oh I think I am turning worse 🙂

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