Are you ready to give it?


As he walked his life
with his mortal body,
living life,
There where times when voice
became clear,
The voice from within, screaming
“this” is the right path
“she” is the right one
“that” shall make you happy.
Deaf, that he had turned
Chose to ignore.

Voice is back!,
Will it get a second chance?

The topic over at writer’s island is “Second Chance”. I always had a thought that its not life which needs to give us second chance, because it always gives us lot of chances, its us who need to give life a second chance.



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  1. I don’t think tht sumone who ignores it once will give a second chance.
    Nice allusion thr.. second chance for d conscience!!!!

    Thanks SSNAB, I think we do, may be not the second time, may be some in 3rd time, and some in 100th time, and for some nth time, but we do. somewhere we realize we need to.

  2. hopefully a third, a fourth, and well beyond nine lives. I really like the line, “deaf, that he had turned.” And, great take on “its us that need to give life a second chance.” Not life, but us…

    Thanks Lea,

  3. Interesting, Rambler. How often are we aware that we’re dismissing an actual truth and not just a yearning?
    I like that. I like the idea that we might wise up the second time around.

    Susan, I think we should wise up, its never Life which should be blamed 🙂

  4. And would giving the voice a second chance
    Mean that he would be deaf no more;
    Or was he merely indifferent
    To what he heard;
    Would he understand and learn
    Or would he just continue to yearn
    For the next chance that came by?

    Thanks so much for writing this… I mean I like it when the discussion goes forward like this.
    He may continue to yearn or may be turn deaf for the next few times, but Life does not give up, does it?. One day or the other HE realizes the chances he is been missing and opt to take one.
    Just my take on it 🙂

  5. Very Very true–it is WE who have to give life a second chance–so well said.

    Long time no see 🙂
    absolutely the onus should be on us right 🙂

  6. Songs are better absorbed when listened to the second time. At first we may just be attracted by the melody, it is the second time we hear it that we trully listen and find that the lyrics are beautiful. Love and Life as we go along is just like that sometimes. We submerge ourselves only knee deep and we get only what we are willing to absorb, but if we give it a second chnace we might as well be totally satiated with all the gifts that life and love brings.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    That was an interesting take..

  7. Very well said. I’ve seen you over on my friend Marja’s blog and thought I’d pop in and say hi.

    Hey welcome to Virtual Ramblings,

  8. hey ….
    dropped by to check how many posts i hve missed …. quite a many ….anyways nice poem ….. liked it …. second chance’s you do get , but its wether you take it or leave it again ….. is the choice…. voices are all i hear right now …

    Welcome back :), hope to see you around

  9. Everyone deserves a second chance… and everything also deserves this one chance.. again and again!

    Veens, I agree it deserves a second chance, but are we up there to give take the second chance.

  10. Hmm, good question. When you ask that question my mind asks me “What are you asking me?”
    Pretty idiotic question I guess. 😀

    Why are we not able to give/take “it” the 2nd [or 3rd] chance? [ By “it” I and you mean the voice ok? ]

    Answer me and then maybe I will be able to question you again because I can definitely not give you an answer.. can I? 🙂

    By it I meant Voice, Life, or anything for that matter.
    Why are we not able to?, I guess it takes a lot of maturity for one to spot what constitutes a chance, also there are so many factors like youth, inexperience, a dash of arrogance, ego and so many things which turns us deaf to the opportunities we get, but the chances never stop, the sooner we begin to clear our ears [senses] we get to spot more opportunities, so basically its not life which gives you a second chance, it always does provide lot of chances, its us who need to consider giving life a chance
    just a thought 🙂

  11. Thats exactly what I was thinking Ramu. See, it is us who have to think if want to except the chances that life throws at us.

    I guess you put it well 🙂

    Veens, so we do agree 🙂

  12. i dont think life gives me enough second chances! or maybe i just miss them all the time.. hmm…

    Jos, I dont think life will stop giving chances, I feel its us who stop taking.

  13. There is a slight sense of regret in this piece so I think the second chance will be taken on board. I think that recognising something is in fact, a second chance, is halfway there to grasping it. Very nice!

    Selma, I think would I agree with you

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