As he chugged along his life,
He remembered those victories,
The accomplishments,
And those sad failures,
The success and the happiness,
Sorrows and those lows.
All along the quest of the dreams,
Dreams he had, had
His yesterday was dreamt long before
Future beholds a lot more,
Lot more conquests, and wars,
Lot more victories to be planned,
More success to be versioned,
More games to be played.
His tomorrow is a dream that’s being shaped
Day after day, dream after dream.
I guess he is one of those lucky few,
The few who are empowered,
Empowered, by dreams.


The topic over at writer’s island is “Empowered”. Here’s my attempt.




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  1. Rambler, this is awesome! Yes, it’s through dreams (among other methods) that we find empowerment. You are SO very right; by chasing our dreams, we find out who we are and what we’re capable of.

    Thanks Susan, yes I think its dreams that gives us powers to chase them

  2. can one really be empowered by a dream… or is that just a fantasy??? i am not being a smart ass… i really wonder…..

    Paisley, look at the motivation one can really get with a good dream, woudlnt that empower people with the most important things that helps to achieve one’s goal “motivation”/

  3. nice work! 🙂
    i wish we could all be empowered by our dreams…
    sometimes they just make us weaker 😦

    Really Pri?, they have always motivated me and made me feel much more powerful 🙂

  4. I can identify with this. Life can so often be a drag. But with a dream? Okay, it may never happen, and one should never be slave to it – but it is invogorating, empowering.

    Anthony, I agree one should never be slave to dreams, however they do act as stimulant and many a cases a motivator

  5. hey ….nice take …being empowered by dreams…now the problem is to dream and work at converting them into reality….

    TA, making dreams come true does happen, it might take some hard work, more difficult thing is to make yourself dream.. I find it much more difficult

  6. Very thought provoking and beautiful. I surely think too that you are empowered when you have a dream. It gives you a goal to live towards too and excitement if you come closer.

    Marja, Exactly thats what I had in mind 🙂

  7. it is nice to be empowered by dreams…if only there were more of us who understood how fruitful it can be…very nice take.

    Dreams can make us do wonders 🙂

  8. Beautiful!

    Dreams do not account for reality always but then if we do not dream,how could we work towards making them come true?

    Have a great week ahead 🙂

    Dream can be big motivators

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