Lucky! – Heads or Tails #28


Topic over at skittles today is “7 list”.. Actually my thoughts were totally not related to the topic, I began to wonder what’s luck?. Luck to me is being at the right place at the right time, taking the right opportunities, and risking the right things. Isn’t that luck?.. Naaah, that’s too ideal a definition for luck, I don’t think that’s luck. Luck to me is being in a situation without having a clue as to what got you there, not knowing what all you can do, but somehow finding as way out and in fact getting credit for it :). I began to recollect days where I have thought, what I did to deserve this. So here goes the 7 list days when I have felt lucky

  • Luck is, going to movies with a bunch of cousins, fighting hard to get good seats, but being bullied into the taking the last of the seats, only to discover later, a beautiful girl taking the seat next to you.
  • Luck is deciding to take a shelter in an ice cream parlor when it’s raining hard outside, grabbing a cone in that high cold, trying luck at a contest being held by kwality walls and 4 months later finding out that won you a brand new PC.
  • Luck is when you realize you are really attracted to a girl, who has also had a big crush on you, but only to realize later that you were totally late.
  • Luck is when you take guys in the family out for a party for getting your first salary, and getting drunk bad enough to be not able sign the cheque and having dad who is cool enough to sign on your behalf.
  • Luck is when you wander on streets of Las Vegas, at 3AM from one casino to another, and then in middle of the night spot a friend walking past you, and calling her up to make sure its her, and then spending the rest of the night having a great laugh through the streets of Las Vegas.
  • Luck is when you lack basic courtesy and social behavior, and suddenly you find some amazing friendships fall into your laps.
  • Luck is when you go in search of a non existent comedy club, and instead find a place that’s a old time country music playing bar, liking it so much that you end up visiting the place every single weekend for the next eight months of your stay in a foreign land.

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  1. This one is very funny: Luck is when you lack basic courtesy and social behavior, and suddenly you find some amazing friendships fall into your laps.


    I’ll do one too- because I am feeling very lucky lately.

    Luck is when you start to study something out of interest, and before you know it a consulting gig knocks on your door to teach the very thing you’ve been affectionately studying.

    Long time no see 🙂
    ah now thats really luck …

  2. I enjoyed reading this list. Amazing how luck can play a good part in one’s life. Luck can bring unexpected wonderful things and people your way.

    Thanks Rach, Luck can be wonderful

  3. Not only have you been lucky, but you’ve been fortunate enough to have made the best of some already good circumstances. 🙂

    I’ll put your new URL in the blogroll. 🙂

    Thanks Skittles for putting the new URL, already good circumstances? I thought I made a mess of them 😀

  4. What wonderful memories! Very positive. I’m lucky you came by my blog today. I always like reading your very thoughtful posts. (Mine can be rather thoughtless…) 🙂

    Thanks you so much Autumn

  5. Loved it.. why does almost of your luck have to do with meeting girls??

    preethi, have to admit very keen observation ;)… nah I think I had just two in there which spoke about girls, one was a very close friend who happens to be girl.. the other movie case.. well I guess we all go through that phase 🙂

  6. The Las Vegas thing cracked me up, I used to be good friends with this guy…that no matter where he was, would run into someone he knew. One New Years Eve he went to NYC to watch the ball drop on Times Square and he ran into a former high school classmate. Then, on a family vacation to Las Vegas he ran into someone that he had seen around his college. I’m sure if he went outside the country he would still manage to run into someone from our hometown or someone he knew from some place.

    Silver, I guess he is very lucky 🙂

  7. hee..hee…that sure was a lucky 7…

    luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity…:)

    TA… naaah, I think luck is when without preparation you meet opportunity 😀

  8. is it really ur list!! ur really a lucky person thn. i’ve neva won anythng!!!
    -luck is not in deciding to take shelter in an ice cream parlor.. its finding one when it starts to rain.. one in which thrz a contest goin on ..
    -n defntly you r lucky whn u find amazing friends.. 🙂

    I have to say yes wrt to friends, I do feel lucky

  9. Luck is “mental preparation meets opportunity” 🙂

    Good preparation!

    Shefaly, as I replied to TA, I think luck is when there is lack of mental preparation and still you are lucky enough to meet opportunities ;D

  10. I really appreciate the simplicity in these things you mentioned. Even though it does not mean being LUCKY in big way but you find being lucky in the small things life has got for you. Way to go !!:-)

    Things which make you happy, and times when you don’t feel you deserved that, thats when I feel lucky 😀

  11. Luck is when you have been thinking of your crush every moment of the week that passed. And on Monday morning first thing you find is his mail in your inbox saying ‘Howdy?!? was thinking of you”.

    Lucky you FMOE 😀

  12. Rambler: If you were not ‘primed’ mentally (or prepared) for adventure and new experiences, none of these would have come to pass. So I stick by my definition 😉

    well I really didn’t prepare for it 🙂

  13. beautiful list. loved going thru it.

    btw, what is skittles? pls do enlighten me?

    Priya, she is a wonderful blogger.. just click on the link, you can read more of her

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