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I was tagged by BlueMist who writes at Colors And Lights and priya who writes at uniquely priya to do the “tag of the decreasing order”. so here it goes.

Ten things you wish you could say to people right now ( don’t take names)

-Can you speak a little lower,cell phones were not invited to scream at.
-You are supposed to know way more than me, even if you don’t know, and I am making a point, can’t you just listen and then use your brain before deciding?
-Glad you know what to give importance to.
-I lied to you, mainly because I was too scared of taking the huge step
-You should do justice to your talent and sing more, instead of being so egoistic and greedy
-It would be fun if you guys come back for a while
-I want to listen a little more from you, not sure if I should force
-It would be fun if all of us were dumb like you, or you were good enough to understand what we have to say
-I wonder if you have some time and if it is feasible to discuss a book we both love.
-You are invited, time of your choice and place of your choice.

Nine things about yourself

-I worry way too much
-I get impressed very easily,
-I am very paritcular about time, and hate when people are late
-I think god has been very kind to me.,
-I always try to plan and finish things much before the deadline
-I like spending time alone, specially in my room with not many to talk
-I am a big coffee lover, more importantly “cafe” lover, I like to spend time there with someone to talk to
-I could not have looked or sounded more geekier when I was in college, in fact even now.
-I like to argue/discuss things with people

Eight ways to win your heart

-Food, new dishes and old favorites, anything
-Be yourself, I will definitely find something good to learn
-Watch the tone in which you speak to me.
-Please don’t lie, if trust is lost you can never get it back
-Admitting you are wrong ,when you are
-Have a good taste with books
-Dont fake affection
-Discuss movies of my kind with me 🙂

Seven things that cross your mind a lot

-Am I smelling too bad today?
-Whats gone wrong with today’s media
-Are we getting too addicted to lifestyle
-Am I crossing the line
-Did I sound too eager?
-Where are all the good sitcoms
-when and where is my next vacation coming

Six things you wish you never did

-Fight with my mom often
-Be insensitive when it comes to my parents
-Worry so much about small things
-Ignore some really good advice
-Concentrate too much on my academics
-Fear of the unknown for so long.

Five Turn offs

-Bad odour
-Bad dressing sense
-Gaudy colors

Four turn on’s
-Blue jeans and a white shirt/top
-Great smelling hair
-women who talks great sense.
-One who has great sense of time

Three things you want to do before you die

-Adopt a child
-Travel as much as possible

Two smileys that describe you

smile without change in the facial expression

One confession
Some times I sound stupid to myself.


8 responses »

  1. OMG!!! OMG! OMG! OMG!

    u’ve writtn abt me!!! excpt fr the punctuality, i’m very rarely punctual 😛
    we are so alike!!
    are u a capricorn? coz i’ve many capri friends n we are all alike.. 😀

    interestin tag.. gotta knw more about The rambler 🙂

    Nope SSNAB, I am not capricorn 🙂
    oh I hate late comers 🙂

  2. Hm….

    I find it scary reading these sort of things and realizing how alike some people are to me.

    I think its awesome that you want to adopt a child.

    Silver. Isn’t that amazing how people staying in remote ends of world thinking so much alike 🙂

  3. Some things I can identify with there 🙂
    Including “Adopt a child”
    But geeky? Seriously, no one could have looked like a nerd as much as I did in college (and even now 😛 )

    CR, good to see people thinking about adoption.
    oh you have a stiff competition in the geek department 🙂

  4. ahaa now thats interesting!:)
    now we know something more about ‘rambler’…
    btw check out “nostalgic moments” for my latest post ‘story time’ and do add in ur line 🙂
    have fun!!

    Pri.. did try to change the story line over there.. but somehow that didnt happen

  5. “can’t you just listen and then use your brain before deciding?”
    That.. that is something I’ve been screaming aloud. But people are so prejudiced. They wouldn’t believe in themselves is it?? To be so dependent on someone else for decisions??
    I’d like to add “Gosh!! make the best of what is a gift to you, your brain. I don’t wanna rent mine at any cost.”

    hmm its more than depending, its not even giving us a chance and then deciding if what we are saying is correct.

  6. Good to know Rambler more 🙂

    me too hates late comers. and love “Cafes” . Barista to be specific 😀

    Ah another cafe lover 🙂
    well barista is a little expensive for my taste :).. prefer kalmane manly because they have a book store 😀

  7. Getting to know you better and better. I also love to discuss and argue about things. We dutch have an opinion about everything but in NZ they often call us confrontational. h well I am surprised about you wanting to adopt a child. How gorgeous

    Marja, I think I need to find a dutch friend for myself 🙂
    adoption is too close a subject to me.. generally avoid talking about it :

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