Thought Trails

Don’t try to sneak through an ajar door, knock on the door and she might open it wide for you” It’s strange how my thoughts landed upon this statement. It kind of started yesterday morning at work, me and a friend were having coffee at our café and generally discussing what should we go for, should we buy a house with two bedrooms or three bedrooms. I was of the opinion that we need atleast three rooms, keeping in mind one for me, one for my parents, and one for future kids.

My friend brought up an interesting point, how parents of present generation are making their kids sleep alone from very young age, he was of the opinion that kids should sleep with their parents atleast upto 10 years. I had mixed opinion about that. However what I strongly felt was that, siblings should share a room for as long as possible, I know it would lead to a lot of fights, but I think it established a strong bond as well. I know there will be a lack of privacy for kids but I think sibling bonding is something which everyone should enjoy in their lifetime.

I totally forgot about this conversation until later part of the day where I read this Trespassing?, it was really surprising to find the same topic over there, privacy between siblings, I have seen this issue with so many kids, but still the love between the siblings is too strong to really worry about these small things.

I again forgot the topic, until today morning when I was in the shower, when it struck me how important privacy is in a relationship. I was wondering, if a wife is along in a room with the door almost closed, and husband instead of directly walking in, knocks and takes her permission to walk in, I felt she would be really happy. It feels really good to see your loved ones, who know almost everything about you, still respecting your privacy. It was just my hypothesis that, she would let him in with a wide door.

That’s when this statement struck me.

Don’t try to sneak through an ajar door, knock on the door and she might open it wide for you

Just listening to myself make this statement in my mind, I felt, more than the room, this applies to so many things isn’t it?. I mean just imagine the room can be anything, it might be her heart, her mind, her happiness, or sorrows, it sounds really good just to give her a space and let her know, you still think she has her own privacy, but you are just a knock away.

Has it ever happened to you?, have the trails of your own thoughts amazed you? Places they travel to and the twists they take, and finally where they end up in.

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  1. Thankyou, for such a kind thought :)… this is the first time i ever commented on a blog topic…

    Thanks a lot, i really hope people do that out of respect, though we have them doing it out of custom 🙂

    Hey Allu,
    Welcome to virtual ramblings, they do deserve it don’ they?
    It would be nice to read what you have to say as well, any blog link?

  2. heya …
    thnx for your best wishes
    i do have a habit of drifting away into my own thoughts … an dthis i must say is a intresting trail …. me and my sister have always shared a room … and though there were times when the doors were banged to have some little privacy but it played a very important part in our “bonding” … we have formulated far too many plans and ideas ..
    so that room is an integral part …

    and giving space and privacy to a loved one is a very important …
    this is like one of those “aha” moments …when i go like “yeah …. thats so right” …..

    BB,so now I know what do girls mean when they say “aha” :))


  3. hmm.. knocking before you invade someone’s mind. i like that idea, immensely. sometime’s you barge in, all excited, and wonder why the other is offended by all the attention you demand. maybe slow and steady is a good idea.

    just wish i would remember it 🙂

    Gypsy, well slow and steady yes.. but it should be the other person’s choice not that of the person walking in 🙂

  4. Thats a beautiful thought your mom told u. I totally accept that. As kids, my sister and I too shared rooms. It was more fight than live…but today, its brought us so close. I will always want that for my sons…but saying this, privacy in personal space is what is to be maintaned. I feel there are people who assume that just becos they are close , they can probe into the others space.
    And yes, i’m like you too….on a thought pilgrimage most of the time..

    prats, hmm space can be a little hard to define.. I mean its not easy to find the boundaries right..

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