Hello people


Guys if you have been wondering what happened to my weekly posts, what happened to the fiction I wrote on wednesdays, my weekend random ramblings and many other such things. Unfortunately my broadband connection at home was gone for last three weeks, I did try to keep up posting a little bit from work and from cyber cafes but its not the same isn’t it.  Finally my connection is back this weekend, and I plan to get back into my normal blogging. However I may chose to be away from regulars random ramblings and fiction for some time, atleast not regular as before.

No connection meant that my other blogs have also suffered, Its almost a  month since I posted on my favorite blog pure pursuits. So here it goes guys I am back with a post at pure pursuits.

Feminism and beyond

Do let me know what you guys think on the subject.


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  1. hey I wrote a lenthy comment on your this post..you seem to be ignoring that 😦

    hey sorry about that.. kind of forgot to reply my other blog comments.

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