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Exiciting corners – Heads or Tails #28

The topic today over at skittles is “Part of our house”. I did not find any part of my house that excited me. Well, I do like my shower a lot, mainly because that’s the place where I get lot of ideas, and I also love the kitchen because that’s the place which gets me my favorite food, but both of these places were not something which I wanted to write about.

Over the years, modernization has set into our lives, but until very recently, when I say recently till 2004, we had an interesting corner in our house, in bathroom to be precise. We had the traditional water heater or what we call “hande” or “neer vale” which means a water stove. Even though we used the electric geysers to heat water daily, once a month or so we used to use this traditional way to heat water. It mainly runs on wood, and saw dust, but we used to it generally, to get rid of waste paper and the waste hard paper cartons that came along as the packaging material with any items we buy. It was my mom’s ritual of heating water with the waste stuff to take a nice relaxing oil bath.

I was always fascinated by this corner in our house, because as a kid I loved to watch the smoke which used to escape from the long pole attached to the stove. I mean we had a broken pipe, so the smoke would leak out and get out of the window. The sight of escaping smoke was something which always interested me for hours. No wonder as a kid I spent more time in the bathroom looking at this, rather than finish my bath.

All was not great about these boilers, since we used them very rarely, the place where the wood burned was a place where rats could easily hide, in the night when one entered the bathroom one needed to be very careful not step on the rats which came out in night. But still the stove was worth retaining, for the nostalgia I had associated with that corner.

Now that we have moved on all we have is a solar water heater on the top of our house heating water sans fun, sans tradition.

I searched hard for the photos for people who have not seen what I am talking about, unfortunately not much of pics around.

Here’s one of the full fletched ones, which I used to find only in our native villages.
Traditional House

This is a not so clear view of the typical ones we had in our houses in old Bangalore

Guys before I end todays Heads or Tails topic, I wanted to tell something, l kind of missed last week’s heads or tails as I had some connection issues at home. The topic last week  was “green”. I wanted to post a link to a poem which I had written some time back about magic of green, here it is “Magic”

12 thoughts on “Exiciting corners – Heads or Tails #28

  1. I’ve never heard of heating like this. I loved that you included some pictures so I could get an idea of what you were describing. I like your poem, “magic”. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Thanks Jen

  2. It’s new to me as well, but I can bet it would have fascinated me as a child, too! 🙂

    Skittles.. things like these fascinate many of us right 🙂

  3. That’s very interesting. Thanks for sharing some photos because it gave me an idea of how it looks like. It’s nice to look back and remember things that fascinated us when we were younger.

    Thanks for sharing that lovely poem.

    Thanks Rach

  4. I want to know why you don’t want to write about the shower *giggles*. Nice ramble by the way!

    KB, well why not shower, obvious right 😀

  5. Rats? Nope – that would definitely cause my husband to get rid of it (he can’t deal with rats). Although, we are putting a wood burner in, but that’s much different 😉

    This was a very good post – I really enjoyed it.

    Wood burner should be fun…

  6. hey i know what you are talking about…it used to be in my grandma’s house too…for a long time…my great grand HAD to have a bath with water heated there…


    TA, some of these our next generation will never get to see 😦

  7. at my home, the water heating system was only installed about 8 years ago. prior to that, we had to deal with the normal cold tap water. unless when we’re down with fever or something, then we’d get hot water the old-fashioned way.

    it does look interesting though. that water heating thing you have there.

    Jos, oh really cold water?

  8. This is such an interesting topic as well as learning about these corner stoves. I loved the pictures… and agree with you that the nostalgia is so important to remember… in modernization we gain, but we also loose… I would however, need to give the rats wide berth however….

    Also, somehow I missed your feb posting on Green… it is magic indeed…

    Thanks Lea

  9. that was really interesting. i have no experience with heating water like that at all. those are warm loving memories you have (except the rat part). uhhh you needed a cat!! LOL

    Thanks Andree

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