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Day of..

Its been one of those days where one wake up feeling kind of low, and all he can think about are the points of lows in recent times, then he switches on TV hoping to listen to some good music, and all he gets to hear are sad songs, and making him want to listen to more sad songs. A day where one seem to wait for that ‘single’ spark which shall light up the day…

5 thoughts on “Day of..

  1. hmm.. such days r a real draggg.. but they help us enjoy when we r havin a good day 🙂

    yeah, they do help us in a way..

  2. oo.. i hate days like that. hope the day turn out better for “him” =)

    well looks like today too was not that better.

  3. ive been going through a similar phase for the past coupla days…and the stupidest part is i dunno why :((

    pri.. sometimes it just happens itsn’t it

  4. oh, 19th was particularly sad for me …. i could have drowned in sad songs … cried along …bt there should be one of these days occasionally ….
    its not correct to be all so happy go lucky all the time ..
    then who would listen to the sad songs ?

    BB, its awesome to be happy go lucky all the time 😀

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