Movie quirks


Nita who writes at A wide angle view of India has tagged me with a movie quirks tag, being a little movie buff myself, this tag was a little tempting, so here I go, try to list some movie quirks about me.

1. My mother tells me I was a big movie buff as a kid too, there was a kannada movie called “Bhandana” which was released when I was 3 years old, and apparently I forced her to take me to the same move for more than 5 times, well it hasn’t been many movies like that which I have watched multiple times, but movie buffdom [if such word exists] did start pretty early in my case.

2. I have a weird taste when it comes to movies, generally the movies I like, are for sure box office flops. My dad has interesting theory, if I go to the theater and like a movie he says the producer should bribe me to say I hated the movie, because if I say I liked it its gonna flop for sure.

3. One exception when it comes to hit movies which I liked watching has to be the blockbuster “Hum Apke Hain Koun”, It might be too easy for people to guess that I like family oriented movies, and I just loved this movie, may be it was the age, or just watching an ideal family/romance on the big screen, I used to keep count as to how many times I have watched the movie, I gave up counting after 50.

4. I like to go for the morning show, the one at 9AM, I used to like this because not many people prefer this show, so we can get tickets easily, even in the first or second week after release. The night show is the worst, because I can’t keep myself awake. I still remember two movies, Devdas and Koi Mil Giya which I went to a movie show 9:30PM-12:30AM, and almost sleep watched the whole movie.

5. I am the worlds only pop corn hater alive I guess, I generally prefer potato chips to pop corn, and even though I like to have an occasional coke/pepsi I kind of avoid it because I hate/lazy to walk upto the loo between the movie.

6. I am not a multiplex guy, I don’t like to spend 150/200Rs on a movie ticket, may be I am stingy.. but I think its too much to pay for a movie. I have watched quite a lot of movies in recent times in multiplexes paying high ticket price mainly because all the traditional cinema houses have been demolished in recent times in Bangalore.

7. As a kid I used to like movies with sad endings, I used to always say that if a movie has a ending where both hero and the heroine die, I would rush to watch the movie. Was I a sadist?

8. I like to watch foreign language movies where I don’t understand a word, its kind of interesting to watch a movie on the basis of just body language of the actors.

9. I like to watch the movie till the credits are over, if people stand up before the credits are over, and I miss the closing songs I get pretty irritated.

10. I like animation movies a lot, I still refer to them as cartoon movies, and many of them like “Open Season”, “Ice Age”, “Lion King”, “Shrek”… you name It and I love it.


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  1. Reading this made me realise that you are a true movie buff, beating me too. But btw, I have watched 3 movies in a row once, at different theatres in my college days. All in one day! 🙂
    My favorite movie is Kuch Kuch Hota Hai because it’s the story of my life! I am married to the guy ofcourse. I was always a tomboy like Kajol and found it impossible to flirt. And I could identify with Kajol in that movie. Gosh, the amount I cried and cried while watching that movie! 🙂 I did get my guy ofcourse (in real life) but I could identify what Kajol went through. I saw KKHH about 5 times, the maximum number of times I have ever watched a movie.
    I have watched one movie where I couldn’t understand a word, and that’s rajnikant’s latest. I loved it!
    about your quirk no 2, it’s great that you have an individual opinion. very often I too like movies which turn out to be flops. For example Mangal Pandey.

    Well one of my aims to watch two shows successively, been there from long in my to do list :).. KKHH? oh ok.. I liked it, but not that much :)..I havent seen Mangal Pandey, I liked Lakshya, Tum Bin and many movies like garden state, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind or even lost in translation.. somehow they never seem to click

  2. nice read. I used to keep humming these “Bandhana” songs even if I never got meaning of them 😉 and the only kanadda movie I was forced to watch was “Huliy halinu mevu” and i slept in the theatre 😀

    I think I did not like that movie Huliya halina mevu.. not a big raj kumar fan 🙂

    and I too had same thing as you said in point 7 😀

    point 8 too!! TBH gets irritated these days when I switch on WM channel. He says how can you watch persian movie when you can not understand it ? he hates to read to sub titles 😀

    are you planning to have your marriage like HAHK ? 😉 I have not watched that movie still far.

    2 movies I can watch always are “Dil to Pagal hai ” and “Kal ho na ho ” . KHNH still brings tears to my eyes even after watching it more than 10 times 😛

    I prefer no subtitles, its fun that way, and I like a lot of french movies.. kind of like their sense, even some of the italian movies. nope no marriage like HAHK..hmm I remember watching DTPH because of MD :)..and KHNH just for the great title track 🙂

  3. “I have a weird taste when it comes to movies, generally the movies I like, are for sure box office flops.”

    🙂 same here.

    btw, interesting quirks. made me think too.

    Priya.. why don’t you pick up the I hereby officially tag you :).. would be fun to read your quirks

  4. You definitely aren’t the only popcorn-hater in the world!
    I am one of them too…
    And regarding, Devdas, I agree with you completely. I slept through the movie and got up just for the songs!

    CR, you too, thats surprising..
    Devdas, I kind of liked the movie when I saw it the second time.. but the first time I could not keep myself awake I hate night shows 🙂

  5. i’ve watched almost all animation oveis..not hard to realise why…now a days i seem to be watching more of kids stuff :(…

    and the exorbitant ticket prices!! its sad that the avrage person is robbed even of this pleasure…

    TA, I like animation movies.. so would be fun with kids, then I would have an excuse 😀
    yeah its sad with the prices.

  6. gawdd! i think i have competition :p

    i share all the movie quirks with u except for the fact that
    —> i love popcorn and just CANT get into a movie hall without it (my friends call me ‘popcorn monster’ :p..because i hate sharing..heehee)
    —>i hate it when i dont understand the language…guess movies are more to me than body language…and i find it a waste to watch movies in foreign languages i dont understand, when they dont have subtitles…:(

    pri.. I kind of like it without subtitles, you get to observe lot many things 🙂

  7. Movies can be such a great pastime. High pricing or no, we still love them don’t we. I was a movie buff in college…catching any movie, whatever be the cast, first day first show. Sat in all kinds of seats to watch Amitabh movies…they sure were those days.
    I hate popcorn too…but if I see my kids holding one in front of them, i just take a lil just to not hurt my rumbling stomach…lol

    Hmmm high prices, actually I have reduced watching movies a lot because of that. so you a big Amitabh fan??

  8. he he. sure. will take up. i am not much of a movie buff, but will try to put down what i like and what i dont. but will take some time. 🙂

    Priya, take your time.. it would be fun to know your movie likes/dislikes 🙂

  9. I used to like going to the 11am shows, for the same reason you like going to the 9 am shows! 🙂 With movie tickets having become so expensive, I find I don’t bother going to movies much anymore, I prefer to wait for them to come out on DVD – then I either rent or buy them.

    Vanilla, aren’t those shows very practical :)… I don’t get to rent/buy DVD so soon here.. so end up downloading some movies from the internet..

  10. It’s only recently (read: after joining college) that i started watching movies, like properly. Before that, if someone was watching something on TV, and I passed by, I watched 😐
    By the way, I read your comment on Nita’s blog about the Bloggers’ Meet thing… Why don’t you check out ? The un conference on blogging should interest you, methinks.
    Oh, and lovely template 🙂 Go green!

    will surely check out the website,.

  11. I’m the same way- I always seem to love the box office flops.
    And guys can be great friends, I just haven’t seemed to find any that loved to gossip as much as girlfriends do 🙂

    Welcome to virtual ramblings.. so looks like I am not alone when it comes to flop movies 🙂

  12. oh thats a relief … i thought i was the only one who liked the “flop” movies …
    i loved “yaadein” … and being indian how can i not love big-joint-family-movies ….
    i have seen hum apke hain koun like “n” number of times …and “hum saath saath hain” “m” number of times ….but the movie that i have seen like a zillion times has to be k3g
    i can repeat almost every and i mean every dailogue of the movie ..

    i dont generally like eating in the movie hall coz a small pack of popcorn costs you 60 bucks … and i am “stingy” … so unless someone else is paying … i have my trusty pack of chewing gums … which i hide in the back of my jeans when going in ..

    and this reminds me i havent gone to see a movie since september … which seems forever ..
    i am wondering which should i watch though “bucket list” or “27 dresses”……..?

    BB, somehow I did not like K3g…and yadeein too :))..
    hmm I am stingy as well, but the time when I used to watch movies regularly a popcorn costed 5Rs and potato chips10 rs. Its only very recently multiplexes have come and have hiked fares like anything
    I would suggest movie Juno, I liked the movie 🙂

  13. i have a friend who was so into indian movies (sorry but i cant differentiate they were from which part of india. i think there’s two, right?) and i use to tease her about it all the time. because i for one cannot stand watching those movies. mostly because of the singing and dancing. haha. i guess they’re just not my kind of movies. and i cannot stand movies that run for more than 2 hours..

    Jos..If you dont like long movies.. you shouldn’t watch an Indian movie, its always long, and always musical 😀

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