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I look at you

I look at you,

With a sense of Déjà vu.



I have lived this feeling before.

And, I have tried to stop myself before,

It’s the same sweet confusion,

Every time I see you.



I look at you,

With a sense of Déjà vu.



I avoid looking in the eye,

I talk to a friend nearby,

It’s the same act I put on,

Every time I pass by you.



I look at you,

With a sense of Déjà vu.



I’m not so innocent after all,

Desperate to steal a peek or two,

Sharp that you are,

Every time catching me amidst my silly act.



I look at you,

With a sense of Déjà vu.



You’re not so innocent either,

Those lovely eyes speaking the “silence”,

And that shy chuckle of yours,

Almost, making me, forget my next step.



I look at you,

With a sense of Déjà vu.



Couple of seconds and hush you are gone

And me too, back into my lifeless world,

But with a hope for the same strange feeling,

For the times in future, when I get to walk past you.



I continue to look at you,

With a sense of Déjà vu.



The topic over at writer’s island is “Deja Vu”, Here is a semi fiction which I thought about the topic.



25 thoughts on “I look at you

  1. It’s nice to see how you can twist Deja vu and use it to your benefit of writing such a good poem 😉

    Thanks PCE, ah I always end up twisting :)..hope the original intent did not get lost 🙂

  2. Isn’t it great (if that’s even the right word) how we torture ourselves, even when we know better?

    Lovely poem, Rambler. I like the repeating lines, too. And the formatting you did; the font is lovely and really adds to the whole effect.

    Hey Susan, thank you so much for observing the effort I put to write this post in a different visual manner.

  3. Good one..But why confusion?And why that little escape clause of ‘semi fiction’? 🙂
    And that reminds me–Its been a while since I visited writers island.I must make it there.

    Ps, may be my comment down the post answers your question 🙂
    yep its been a while hope to see you around soon

  4. Ohh waow!

    sweet and innocent… and naughty 🙂

    I have been thinking…what to do with this proompt 😐

    You did well Mr.

    innocent and naughty, I think I am gonna settle for that one 😀

  5. Ahem Ahem …Somebody is all set to being Romantic 😛

    Why DO I keep linking these thoughts with the GIRL you mentioned in your two posts whom you saw on the way to your office 😀

    BM, “all set to be” that was interesting 🙂
    oh no this had nothing to do with her.. btw now that you have reminded, she seemed to have changed her route 😦

  6. I am so glad that people read the small information I tend to leave at the end of the posts.. “semi fiction”.. looks like many of you noticed this word.. so thought let me write as to why this is semi fiction. Many of the things I have here is what we all go through normally, walking past people, trying to show we are not interested, or even desperalately trying to get a peak or two. Now that part of the post of real, the fiction part of existance of one single girl who gives me all these feelings :).

  7. whatta romantic poem!!! u’re quite a romantic person i guess to write such a poem.. wow!!

    Thanks SSNAB, I am not so sure about the romantic part though

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