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We are great

I am not a big fan of sci-fi movies, things that fascinate me when it comes to sci-fi are the futuristic and imaginative scenes, how many times have we seen some really intelligent species talking to each other in an alien language, or some really advanced equipments able to communicate with each other in a way which humans can’t understand. If you think that this is stupid, and can never happen, you got to reconsider your stand, it seems like Bangalore is full of such highly evolved man made machines. Take a small walk on the roads, or even take your bike/car out for a short spin around the city, and keep your ears open. The bikes of today seem to speak to each other in a strange sound which goes something like beeeeeeeeeeep. If you think I am kidding, just think it over, the bike approaching a junction seem to sense another one far off on the other side, it seems to call out for its long last brotheren with a small beep, as and when the distance decreases and they are pretty sure its of the same species, it seem to show a deeper emotion by making the sound little shriller and a lot more longer. They seem to acknowledge each other as they pass by, and finally wish a sweet goodbye with the very short lasting beep. The number of such advanced species seem to multiply over night, and they seem to now communicate in groups.

The species I am talking about seem to be evolving over time too, I guess Darwin’s theory of evolution seem to apply to non living things as well, or may be they are not non-living as we thought they were. Apparently over years, tails became useless to humans, so they reduced in size and finally vanished. Its also learnt that brain was a lot smaller in size years back, and slowly it grew in size and content. I seem to notice this huge change in these advanced species which seem to be evolving day by day. Most of the species have gotten rid of the almost useless rear view mirrors. The horns which were so useless once upon a time seems to have risen in usage and so in size too. It once used to a small pully thing on the dashboard, became more prominent and shifted to the steering wheel, it sat there as a small button, until recently where whole of the steering seems to have developed into a big horn surface. Now isn’t this a sign of a highly advanced being?. If you don’t agree, check the horns of the old Tata Sumo, the older Maruti Omni, and the latest cars.

Socially too human being seems to be progressing with the help of these species. We Indians for long have been considered poor leaders, people who are really bad front runners, who seem to struggle to take the lead. Look at the people armed with these species, even red signals do not seem to stop people now. Who cares what color the lights show, we need to be the front runners, so what if the person at the front is a little slow, and is keen to see the green before he starts, why to wait for him to move when we can blow his ears off with the never ending weapon our vehicle possesses. All it needs is a shrill noise for us to come to the front, so lets show our fellow people how good we have become in our leadership qualities.

We Indians are not all that jealous you see, we always celebrate and acknowledge good deeds done by others our fellow Indians. Just the other day, me along with couple of other good people slowed down near the hospital, we wanted to make sure some of our friends inside the hospital get some peace and freedom from the noise our poorly maintained vehicles made. Some of our siblings who were coming behind us, were very sensitive to this kind act of us, they wanted show us how much they liked what we did, and they did acknowledge us, they did herald the good deed by blowing their horns as loud as it could go, I was so happy to here the appreciation, I almost wanted to remove the device on my bike and present it back to them.

3 thoughts on “We are great

  1. rofl 🙂 very nicely writtn 😛
    btw wht about the high beem light?? it’s so ridiculous..
    and b’lore traffic is known fr its left overtakin!!!

    ssnab.yep high beam lights are equally bad.. left overtaking?? nah thats the rules over here

  2. Haha
    Someone seems really irritated with Bangalore traffic now! 😀
    But seriously, road manners are pathetic in all states in India and we pride ourselves on that. 😛
    Loved the way this was written, I could never have been so subtly nasty in any post of mine 🙂

  3. Hey, this one was real good!!
    I didnt know you could do a good funny piece! keep it up, and I appreciate that you keep experimenting with your writings… That’s the sign of growth! 🙂

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