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Donate please!

Before you guys run away, let me clarify that I am not asking for donation to keep my website up, and am sure I would not get a single rupee from anybody, not even from myself :).

You guys must have seen that I do not have a blogroll up on my blog, not that I do not read blogs regularly, I definitely do, and many of you guys who get stalked by me would have known this easily. Just the sheer number of links, makes it almost impossible to put up the links over here. But now I have turned greedy, I want to read more, and explore more kind of bloggers.

So guys please donate, donate links. Any blog you read regularly/occasionally and you think I would enjoy reading, please do let me know about the blogs. You can leave the links in the comments section. I have found wonderful bloggers all around the world with great perspectives and attitudes, providing us with insights into so many things in life. I want to read more, and understand more. So guys please help me.

16 thoughts on “Donate please!

  1. This is a great idea
    Am going to be filching some of the links put here anyway 😀
    And unfortunately, follow just about 10 blogs or so, most of which you already know, so don’t have enough links to give you
    Do you really have the time to follow more by the way? 😛

  2. ok, there is this wonderful blogger called Bikerdude who writes mainly on Bangalore and experiences. He is very very hilarious and a great writer. You can check him out –

    There are many more – at the moment, I cannot just remember all – if you are interested in semi-fantasy fiction but extremely good writing, then check this out – she is awesome!!

    Mahesh – his blog link I cant remember but the blog is called ‘the reluctant observer’ (if you google it, you will get the link, it’s in livejournal) His opinions, well, are quite interesting and a different perspective alltogether.

    There is this lady called Itisha Peerbhoy – one of the best and funniest writers I have ever come across.. Her blog is called ‘Adaucious’ (sorry, google for the link)

    A caveat though: The thought process of these people may not go down well with you, but their writing is worth dying for.
    Also, after going through them, let me which one did you prefer. 🙂

  3. Guys please don’t be so stingy..common be generous..some more links please..

    for lovely people who have already donated..
    Thanks a lot.. will be soon checking them out.. and thanks again..

  4. hey… I’m in the mood to read too and that’s why I’m popping in here today. The first post was way too long so I skipped it. hehe. anyway, I read this blog for a long time now and I have no idea why… maybe it has something to do with what you were mentioning bout the joys of taking a peek into the lives of others. Anyway, this is it:

    Did not know you read my blog from a long time..I think I found your’s at Kyra’s..thanks for the link

  5. ok i m spamming yur comment box 🙂

    i m sorry well.. i see them after i have posted the last comment :))

    she is goodddd!


    Stories, fiction :-

    and this next one is one blog i neva commented on :))
    he blogs very less.. but well is good too –

    this next is a friend 🙂 [ posts less.. but good stuff]

    for scribbles, poetic kinds

    do u want pic blogs?

    will tell u more.. ;))

  6. Smart guy……
    Have not been around …but today I ‘ve begun my rounds properly. And came across this post of yours…
    Like Thinking aloud said….why don’t you just go across to one blog and then get past his/her blog roll. You could start with mine .

    One more way is to get google reader, where along with your list they’ll put up some more interesting ones similar to your blogs….check it out.
    This is my main blog:

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