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A short memoir

One of my oldest blog buddies Sunshine who writes at Mostly Monologues had an interesting post Capturing-Life-in-Six-Words some days back, was thinking of attempting this one and I saw Ideasmithy say this Memoirs Of A Story-teller. Here’s my attempt at a memoir in six words

‘In pursuit of a better “Me”’

12 thoughts on “A short memoir

  1. I liked that…tho u shd stop pursuing and enjoy teh better u :-P…

    hey i’ve done this before…my take…

    Writing thoughts, sparking connections, irresistible addiction

    TA..hehhe I like the commanding tone in your comment..stop pursuing 😀
    “sparking connections”” great talent..and even greater virtue..never stop doing that.

  2. Lovely “memoir”!
    I got tagged with this one the other day. I told my bloggy friend Laquet, it was far easier to write 60 000 words than six! 😉

    Vanilla…I totally agree with you writing 60000 words would have been far easier 😀

  3. nice one. but in the process one should learn to relish what you have isn’t it ?

    BM, thats the reason I said “better” because there can always be something better..and as far as we are not stuck with the obsession of being the best we should be ok right 🙂

  4. Ohhhh I like yours! I’ve done this a couple of times too. It’s fun.

    By the way, sorry for the spam but I’m helping Barb/Skittles let everyone on the Heads Or Tails blogroll know that HoT has a home of its own! You can find it HERE.
    See ya on Tuesday!

  5. uh huh … nie work …
    but then for the better one you would want to lose out on the person you are ….

    and i think its pretty difficult. six words is like “only six words” …. but nice .. i liked it …

    BB, oh no, I don’t want to loose out on what I am, but its good to work towards higher standards..

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