Reading, watching TV, or just lazing around,
Shopping, Cooking, or just pampering self,
Dinners, Evenings, or just plain nights,

Every waking moment, she lived memories,
Sweet memories,
of “him”.

Cigarette burns on her limbs,
Deep cuts on her thighs,
For every memory,
She left herself a souvenir.

A desperate effort
Effort to turn memories

It took a long time for me to think of something on the topic “Torrid”, writer’s island is becoming very challenging.. or may be I am turning dull day by day 



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  1. Ooo… this was unexpected… I mean, I really am not sure how to receive this.

    Rusty..just a dark look at ourselves..may be many a times we get jealous of our own past..may be some people think if they associate bad things with some good memories, they won’t long for it more.. a pure fiction 🙂
    btw I have a bad habbit of associating memories to a certain phaze of life, with people, and a lot more to that moment..may be the idea originated from there.


  2. Wow, Rambler. That’s not what I was expecting!

    I have a lot of theories about this trend of self-mutilation. One of which is that if we’d let our kids exorcise their demons through music, they’d be a lot nicer to themselves.

    And yes, I thought this prompt was hard, too. But once I started rolling with it, I had fun.

    Susan, yeah mutilation is a little different, this was more about turning your good memories into torrid nightmares.

  3. look at you just a walkin’ on that dark side… this is wonderful… now i am left only with the question,, are the cigarette burns and deep cuts symbolic… or real?????

  4. Here I was drawing up pictures of contrasting days … active and entertaining contrasted by the easy quiet ones that intersperse them ….. till I came to the end …like walking into a wall !! Wham !! It was like a full stop bold and final.

  5. wow…. totally…different.

    i mean.. i dnt knw what i feel .. right now. it is the “jhapak” moment 🙂

    i wrote smething.. got to post it.. of courzz it is not as good as yurs.. and i am havin 2nd tougths abt it 😐

  6. these kinda ideas are very dramatized.. movie inspired. coz i dont believe such things happen in real life. whatever happens in reality is also again movie inspired. sane people will never do such things unless one is already a psychoneurotic.

    p.s. its different. nice to be experimenting 🙂

    ssnab..I so much wish what you are saying is true..but all people are not sane..and I do have seen people who cut themselves..not a good sight.

  7. ah!!! venturing on to the other side here .
    i sort of liked it because it gives you this image in the head and the next moment its like wham lets go on a different route, the self – infliction one .
    and i have seen it happen so i cant really say it isnt true, but very well the dark reality of life …

    BB, yep me too thought it won’t happen, but am sad to see it happen..

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