Fools Flashback – Heads or Tails #32


Topic over at skittles today for Heads or Tails is “Fool”, in spirit of April 1st being the world fools day. This also happens to be the day when one of my close friend P turns an year older. So wishing him a very happy birthday!.

Years ago when I was a teenager, the movie Titanic released in India. This was one of those over hyped movies, which everyone wanted to see, the movie got released in many theaters and all of the shows were running full. The word about a nude scene by Kate Winslet had spread like wildfire in our high school and all of catch the movie, so we boys went early in the morning to stand in the queue and got tickets for the evening show paying a huge amount for the ticket, almost more than half of monthly allowance around that time. I did not like the movie that much, I found it really boring. We came out of the movie hall fuming at the censor board for depriving us of basic pleasures, and also robbing us by taking such high ticket fares. What fools we were, both to expect censors to be liberal in India, and also to think such big of celebrity nudity.

Anyways, the actual story I was thinking about is not that one, slightly related though. I did not tell at home that I had watched the movie, mainly because Titanic was released in India with an A certificate, [Adults only movie]. A group of cousins came home on a Sunday morning and persuaded my father to let me go to the movie with them, and my father obliged. Now I was not interested, because these guys were planning to watch Titanic, and I had already seen it, I did not want to spend so much on the tickets again, nor could I tell them I had already seen the movie, I kind of struggled to excuse myself out of the plans, finally I brought out the triumph card, saying I had a test the next day and I had to prepare. This was too good a weapon, so I got excused and all my cousins went for the movie. This was the night show, the one which begins at 9:30pm and finishes at around 12:30 am. Since one of my cousins stayed with us, we had given him the keys so that when he comes back late in the night, he can open the door and let himself in.

I slept at my usual time of around 9:30pm thinking that these guys will be late, at around 10:30 I heard a noise and I woke up to see that my cousin was already back, I was surprised because I had already seen tickets with them, and was wondering how come they were back so early. I was too sleepy to ask though, so just went ahead and slept. Next morning, I came to know what happened. Apparently these guys went in a little late to the movie, since the lights were already off, they went to the person with the torch to show them their seats, he promptly showed them the seats and went away, these guys began to watch the movie, when few people came their claiming the seats to be there’s, looking at the tickets these people realized they had been duped, the guy showed them the seats had exchanged the tickets to that of an older show, and sold them outside for a huge money. [Sunday night show for a big movie fetches big money]. My cousins fought with the manger in the movie hall, and every possible person but in vain. So finally they were thrown out. Poor guys came home with a long face looking sad, feeling foolish to get duped in such a way. Everybody at home scolded them for being foolish and careless not to look after their tickets .


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  1. Did your cousins ever get to see the movie?

    It’s a shame that people try to make easy money by selling tickets like that. 😦

    nope skittles…they didn’t

  2. Wow, what a rip-off! I bet your cousins learned their lesson to make sure they’re getting what they paid for, though. Happy Tuesday! 🙂

    Autumn..yep we all learnt a lesson

  3. That would make me mad! Your poor cousins. And poor you, expecting to see more than the censors let you! lol

    lol bunny. that was the age you know..just hoping to see a little more 😉

  4. That was a really mean thing to do. I can well imagine your cousins’ outrage.
    I’m with you, by the way, on Titanic. I only saw it a year or so ago for the first time because I’m wary of hyped up movies – and I have to say, I found it long winded and boring – the thing should have been edited to half the time.

    Vanillla..thank you so much.. I feel so stupid and unromantic when I say titanic was a boring movie.

  5. hehehe! i remember Titanic and the nude scene hype and the CENSORS 🙂

    poor cousins 🙂

    ok i m smiling.. i m was funny :))

    Veens, you too?? 🙂

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