Questions on my mind today


1. People who do not affect us, people who really do not care much about us, people who were close to us once upon a time, people who have grown up and apart, why do they still matter to us so much?, why can’t we forget that people who have drifted apart?

2. People whom you have never met, people with whom you have connected, people whom you don’t know in person, why do they still matter to us?, why do we have a feeling of a strong belonging associated with them.


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  1. 1. the memories keep us connected. Like somehow thinking about them makes you fee that you are still in that moment with that person, even though they are out of your present.

    2. kindness is kindness. care is care. connection is connection. no matter if you are with the person every day, or never, when you relate to someone past the surfacey stuff, it connects you. You may even be closer to a person you’ve never met, yet have spoken only on the phone or online. Writing opens us up to say much more. It gets to the point and allows the relationship to be more vulnerable. Vulnerability makes us feel scared, therefore we reach out to someone even more for security.

    But why is the connection only one way many a times..
    I totally agree with the writing part though.. I mean it does open up, and for a person like me who gets attracted to does make it easier to reach out for people.

  2. 1st qs?

    we never grow out of the relationship we once shared with them… everything changes but the memories, like strings stat attached btw us.. and mind yu they r strong 🙂

    2nd qs?

    i dnt really knw..! See I feel connected to yu… for no specific reason 🙂

    now can u plss xplain that?

    and in a way yu r reading my thoughts…and thats just wow!!
    nw.. when do u talk to a person and still accurately read their thought process 🙂

    why is it that only we do not grow out of them, and the others do.

    Feeling connected can be at many levels, I feel connected to many people in what they say, but very few you just feel connected to the person rather than what they have to say or what they don’t say.

    not sure at what level you feel connected to me 🙂

  3. It appears to me that both questions are essentially the same.

    The answer:

    Humans are suckers. Once we connect with someone at any level, we just can’t write them off. It’s part of being a human being.

    Welcome to Virtual ramblings..
    I liked your idea..I think you are right, in a way both the questions are same, its just my inability to write few people off.

  4. I like the way your question life. I happens with all of us but this is the first time I am seeing it as question.
    I think (really this question is making me to think hard), we all strive for happiness and in some way satisfaction. Why are you writing blog? What feels to you when someone posts comment on ur site? Why you talk to other person? I do, because it gives me sense of belonginess and in-turn happiness. There are very few people who can give us true happiness and satisfaction!
    Bless You! ~Namaste

    neilina, I partially agree with you, I feel there are a lot of people who can give us happiness, just we dont notice..
    anyways..I somehow feel I over do things..and get over attached.

  5. Every person who has touched us becomes a part of us. The more they touch us, the deeper into our souls and memories they get. And even if we do not think of them consciously they become a part of us. You will feel this even more as you grow older as more and more people seem to pass by, you move and people around change. And more and more fragment of people stick to you and then your brain does sort it all out, the important ones become conscious. People who underestimate the influence others have on us suffer because they fight these fragments. One must accept them because all of them do not change your core. Maybe just 1-2 fragments might.
    Anyway, I am simply talking of normal human beings with a heart. There are heartless cold machines of people on whom no one cna leave their mark. Or rather sometime in their childhood they have have been branded with such a hot iron that no one can ever touch them again.
    Sorry if this sounds wierd!

    so does it mean, we never touch people who seem to have influence on us?
    nope it did not sound weird at all, rather I am still looking at answers as to why we feel so attached.

  6. Your questions brought to mind my new-found friendships with so many bloggers. I have been blogging for just over 2 years. So many of the people I have ‘met’ via the blogs have been incredible. Talented, kind, supportive and inspiring. The Internet is just another way for barriers to come down. I am glad to be living in an era when this is possible and continues to grow.

    Interesting post, ???’s I have asked myself, many times.

    hmm its not just about the internet or online relationships, some time you get attached to people we can’t even imagine we would

  7. we connect to some and stay connected no matter the status of the relationship because they are special people we are destined to meet in our lives.

    DC, what if I feel connected to every other person I meet..hmm may not be every other, but a lot of people

  8. Hmm.
    1) Because letting go is hard, especially when you are close to the person, it’s like letting a part of yourself drift away and that’s always tough. Some people are just better at it than the others.
    2) I believe in soul sisters and brothers (don’t laugh!), when you see a kindred spirit (I am quoting Anne of the Green Gables here), you are immediately attracted to them and want to get to know them better, it’s like little chunks of yourself you discover in others.

    I am told letting go is hard for women.. and I see more and more men holding on to things..
    hehhe I too believe in kindered spirits..good to find one other believer.

  9. Rambler,

    I believe you know my answer already to these questions after you read my post narrowed road. But for the second question, I have a poem that best express my answer to that thought. Please click link below to my poem: “A Walk Around The Oval”

    It is amazing to think and discover that their are people we don’t know or never met yet our thoughts are much alike. It is strange but I think this is how we are all connected to one soul of the universe.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    You hit the nail on its head..thanks for the link

  10. Rambler, you raise the question of whether we touch people who influence us…well, not necessarily. Some people are just cold hearted and no one touches them or it could be a case of student and teacher. A quiet withdrawn student may get profoundly touched by a teacher but the teacher perhaps may not notice that person. But most of the time I do believe that feelings are reciprocated. I mean, we wouldn’t take that extra step in any relationship unless we feel that it’s a two-way street.For those who make a mistake in judgment, well I guess they suffer.

    well when you know that they are not cold hearted..and see they feel for others, but not for sounds bad right

  11. bohat hi pgal site hai yeh
    dimag paka deya
    paga; k bachpo na

    Thanks Farheen for letting know what you feel

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