Express…now what I do have to say…


Topic over at skittles today for heads or tails is “express”, I am not so sure which way she meant it, was she talking about the express pace, or may be she was talking about “to express” which means to communicate.

Thinking of expressing oneself, I guess people are good at expressing themselves in different ways, some find it extremely easy to speak and express everything just through their voice, some on the other hand express brilliantly in written words. Some are comfortable in expressing through spoken words, there are others who find it easy to say it in words written, and some who do not express at all.

I think I am one of those, who does not express anything well, but then find it comfortable to express through written words rather then spoken sentences. I have tried to think about this many a times, why is it that I find it easy to jot down my thoughts, rather then socialize, meet someone and express the same in person. May be I have become extremely addicted to the anonymous stage the written world provides, may be I am so used to not owning up to what I say, may be I do not have the confidence to carry off my thoughts and my stands, or may be I am not so social in person.

Not all of what I said earlier is true, I find it really easy to communicate what I need to say professionally, I do end up resorting a lot of vocal sentences to express my ideas, and when needed step up and fight for my stand. When it comes to normal communications, I think a I have a long history of not caring enough to converse, not caring enough to discuss with people in person, even with friends and family.

I am a horrible person to speak to on phone, I mean I am blank almost all the time, just last week a friend of mine from work, suddenly called me up, I was totally not prepared to talk to her, so kept drawing blank every few seconds, I mean I really had no topic to speak about. This is not the first time it has happened to me, I have drawn blank even chatting on IM with many of my friends. Why is it that I find hard to find topics to talk about, or even express anything impromptu, when I can do it easy over here.

I am working on this one for sure, I want to improve my ability to express, I want to be able to come up with a decent conversation with any stranger I meet, my dad is excellent a that, I think I should learn a trick or two from him. Any suggestions people?


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  1. I sometimes draw those blanks too 🙂 Sometimes it can be difficult to express oneself. Happy HOT day!

    these blanks embarrass me a lot 🙂

  2. I don’t normally have much trouble expressing myself.. you may have noticed. LOL! But now that you mention it, my problem area may be in the one on one situation, too. That might be because I don’t get to do it very often (except with hubby). Do we just need more practice so we can feel more confidant?

    oh yeah skittles..have come up with a will know shortly 😉

  3. Wow, wish I had some suggestions, but I’m much the same way. Always incredibly awkward. Except when I start on a subject (usually pets) I can’t shut up. I like Skittles’ suggestion, though. Practice people. Heck, even talking to yourself! I do that all the time. **grinning**

    Autumn..pets?.. one thing I have no clue about 😀

  4. i could relate to that. i m a better writer than a speaker too. 🙂 do let me know if u hav any good suggestions for improving the situation.

    am coming up with some will know shortly 🙂

  5. Well, I totally understand that blanks 🙂

    and it is because u dnt connect with anyone. And u prepare b4 u talk on phones 😀 Thats a first totally. 😛

    well I can’t give you any tips, but well I can always help by chatting.. and I knw what yu gonna say.. I m a chatter box 🙂 I m .. and a proud one for that matter.

    But will u believe me.. i also have this problem … but with people i dnt connect with.. or there is a inbuilt s/m hat rejects certain chat sessions with people.. and there.. i dnt have anething to say .:)

    so.. i have to giv yu classes now 😛

    hehehe! ok gr8 i will tell u the fees later 😉

    veens.hmm not so sure.. I do connect with many of them..just that I do not have much to say ..

  6. And – There are some group of people who express their thoughts well through Sketches when they are not so good in writing too.

    Suriya..yep totally forgot about music and arts a means to express ..

  7. Great job of expressing yourself. I think all of us bloggers express ourselves with the written word, and some in other ways as well. Have a wonderful week.

    Thanks Alice

  8. Rambler: a true test of friendship is the silence test – when you do not feel the need to fill all voids with noise. That said with friends, with whom I have high context relationships, our lives are just one long conversation we dip in and out of. So always something to say including just hmm, or ‘hey, go away for 10 min, will you?’.

    I think I agree with you.. true friendship does not need gaps to be filled, but then there are many conversations with acquaintances

  9. I know that feeling – and I have no suggestions. I never know if I’ll be a responsive person or a blank slate. And always, afterward, I wish I’d been the opposite. Hmmm.

    Tumblewords..In most cases I am blank 🙂

  10. You certainly can express yourself by the written word. I am envious of people who can put themselves into their words. I tend to more a reporter and do not think my personality or feelings come through my writing. Thanks for coming over to my blog and leaving a small expression of yourself.

    Vic Grace..
    Thank you for the kind words..I feel it always begins from being a reporter and then moves on to more feelings and emotions

  11. i feel you should stop in to prepare to talk..atleast with frnds..just let ur mind flow…didnt realise those blanks tho.. just try n be free 🙂

    oh no I did not mean one should prepare to talk..just that my mind freezes many a times..haha didn’t realize?.. well I must speak well then
    btw did not expect you would read this 🙂

  12. its a good habit to have … not speaking too much… it will help you from a lot of unwanted relationships

    destination infinity

    Destination Infinity..well this was not about not speaking too much..more on the lines of not being comfortable expressing in spoken words.

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