Anuranan – A movie review


I got to watch a movie called Anuranan [A Resonance] on sunday. Its a bengali movie, dubbed into hindi, it has Rahul Bose, Rituparna sengupta, Raima sen, and Rajat kapoor in the lead. If you are wondering why bangla movie, well I had seen the promo of the movie some time back on TV, since then was trying to watch it, and if you are reading my blog for some time you would know what kind of movies I generally like.

Its a story about an Indian architect working in London [Rahul Bose], he lives with his wife[Rituparna sengupta], and is leading a happy life with a successful carrier, they enjoy a very good relationship but their only problem is that their child would have died and they seem to be failing to conceive ever since.

*sounds like a same old story right*

Rahul’s firm bags a big project at the foothills of Himalayas, and Rahul meets a marketing guy [Rajat kapoor] associated with the project, they bond a little in London, and because of the project Rahul gets transferred back to Kolkatta. Back In India Rahul starts his work, and his wife joins a Montessori as a teacher. The couple meet Rajat kapoor and his wife [Raima sen] at a party, and the families interact with each other. The other couple seem to be unhappy with each other and Raima likes the free spirited Rahul bose.

*sounds like the ever popular extra martial affair movie*

Well here’s the change, and why I liked the movie, the movie has nothing to do with affairs, its just the unnamed bonding between Raima and Rahul, and how she tries to free herself from the clutches of her life. Raima. It has a twist at the end, I don’t want to give out the ending though. Let me just say that its a little unexpected ending.

The movie is very slow to start with, and not much happening in the first 30 minutes, and it does not pick up too much pace towards the end either. Whats great about the movie, is a depiction of a highly unconventional relation, which has nothing to do with lust nor love, its just helping each other spiritually and as well as mentally, how one resonates in the presence of the other, and a simple wish of Raima to fly like a bird [totally symbolic]

Watching the movie in hindi was a little problem, as most of the dubbed dialogues looked out of place, still it was worth for the reason that it was totally on the lines of some of my earlier posts, and what I believe about relationships.

When I told one of my bangla blogger friend that I am planning to watch this movie, the person was surprised that I was interested in this movie, but I liked the confidence the person had, the person told me I am gonna like this movie, and the person was right. That was fun, I liked such confidence in friends a lot.


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  1. When I started reading your this post, I was wondering why the movie name is Anuranan. I got it at the end. I believe there is thread of vibration that runs through each individual and when any of the wavelength of people matches, it takes us to divinity. The relation is pure. I can’t name the relation, because naming will restrict the love and purity in that relation. Let only the relationship will be there! Our lives are woven together for a reason. It feels great to think that when this reason will flash in my life. 🙂

    Bless You! ~ Namaste~ Nidhi

    You said it very well, sometimes movies talk sensitively..and some small things in relationships gets highlighted, I like such movies a lot.

  2. sounds like my kind of movie too. cant wait to check out. 🙂 thanks for the post.

    priya.. do let me know if you watch the did you like it

  3. just watched the movie and ‘beautiful’ is the word to describe it.
    perhaps you could write a bit more about the ending and what you understood of it.

    anyway, great movie….i went back and listened to so many of the lines again…sheer poetry…

  4. hi am aniruddha.I have directed anuranan.Loved to read all of your comments.please watch the movie in bengali..and let me know your reactions..

  5. I just watched the movie this afternoon on Lok Sabha TV(a channel)in Bengali with English subtitles.I was reading reviews for it and thats how i got directed here.
    Good review.But volumes can be said about this movie and the experience u r left with after the movie is finished.Ultimately its what u carry with u makes or breaks the movie.
    The poignancy in the storytelling,the inter play between the lead characters and the cinematography all blows u away with its emotional brilliance and subtlety.It was sheer poetry.
    The ending takes u aback and is gut wrenching and pathos at the end never really leave you..

  6. Totally agree with your review. This movie is one of those rare gems which tries to express the inexpressible. Kudos to the director for that. It’s of a completely different realm and yes, ‘resonates’ with my view on relationships too. Wonderful cinematography. Some scenes give me goose flesh every single time. An amazing experience, overall!

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