Friends Flasback


I was over at a blog of a new blogger friend “gooddaysunshine” , and her post on the sitcom friends got me all charged up about the friends moments which I have enjoyed a lot, and here’s one from that treasure

Just watch Joey’s expression at the end..hilarious..makes me want to see an episode right now 🙂


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  1. Joey was awesome in this!
    But my all time favourite is Ros, I just love him!
    And the episode with him going “Unagi” is still at the top of my list…

    CR, I do rememeber the Unaaagi :)..

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  3. I love Phoebe, she’s my favorite “Friend,” although I’m a lot more like Monica.

    Ha I used to like songs a lot.. My favorite was “little black curly hair” 🙂

  4. oh my god !!
    i just saw this episode today … the lottery one …. i absolutely loved it … although i have seen it like three times before .. but i like watching friends re runs because it is pretty much the only show whose re-runs i can tolerate ….

    i love the part when ross goes like ” oh… ohk .. fine” when they are giving their share up in the lottery …..

    my fav character has to be joey though ….

    BB, me too I can watch the rerun many times.. I also like scrubs and couple of other sitcoms..even seinfeld and mash for that matter.

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