Stop Thinking!


I heard this on TV, in one of the episodes I was catching up, the lead character gives a tip One needs to be always proud of his achievements“. It does look like a cheesy lame line straight out of self help book, [which does remind me of my wonder at why self help books are always termed cheesy]. Anyways, coming back to the tip, Its one of those lines you know, which kind of strike you subconsciously and then, in your spare time your mind kind of picks up thinking about it, almost without your knowledge.

Just the other day I wrote something, which I did not publish over here, it was about an answer to an imaginary question. “If I were to be asked what do I regret the most today“?. I honestly felt that one of my biggest regrets of today was something which I really was too happy to achieve. I mean I still consider it a good achievement, even though it does not carry so much of a value any more, to me it still is an achievement, and I know how much I struggled for it, and how much I valued it. Today I regret it. No it does not reduce the value of the achievement in my eyes, but still I regret that. I felt the price I paid for that achievement was too much, may be I never got to undo the damage caused on my way to that achievement , may be I would have done much better without that achievement but with other things which I “Want” now.

Gardon parks, well known for his photo essays for Life magazine once told that “Many times I wondered whether my achievement was worth the loneliness I experienced, but now I realize the price was small.“, I feel he was wrong, he must have paid a very heavy price or may be I haven’t reached a stage nor an achievement which makes me feel that the price I paid is small.

This post does carry a lot of abstracts, with no proper clarity of the achievement I am talking about and the price I paid. I did this purposefully, it could not just be me, it could by any of us, any of our achievements, or any of the price we paid.

Sometimes it makes me wonder, when I want something really bad, or when I seem to not achieve something, or even worse when I realize I have lost it, when I feel that I have missed the flight and now there is no way I can get back, may be that’s when I associate my failure to achieve something as a price to something which I did achieve. May be that’s why when celebrities realize they have screwed up their personal life, and there is no way they are going to get it back, may be that’s when they claim that their personal life is the price they paid for being in the limelight. Or may be when I screw up my social life, I claim that to be a price I pay for a lucrative carrier. Deep down I do know that If I want to I could have a social life the way I want, also do know that without a time occupying carrier as well I still might have ended up having a lousy social life. But all we do, blame it on carrier. “I am so busy always, I totally screwed up my social life!”. How many times have we heard people say this.

May be that’s all it is to achievement and regrets, totally manipulated the way we want, to kind of please ourselves that it was not us who were responsible, it was the price which we paid.

It does not stop us, does it?, I mean all this talk about how achievements are nothing, regrets are worthless, achievements make us pay so and so forth, we still want things badly, we still are passionate about what we want to achieve, we still continue to claim what we couldn’t achieve as the price we paid.

I think I am gonna go with the tip, a dear friend gave me in one of her comments over my earlier posts “Stop Thinking!”.

Topic over at skittles today is “Tip”, and I think I made a lousy attempt at the prompt 😦


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  1. Sometimes we all need a break from our own thoughts .. 🙂 I liked your “tip” entry. Happy HOT day!

    Sue..Oh we do..when it seems to be useless to think, its better to take a break 🙂

  2. I often try to “stop thinking” but it doesn’t work. My brain works overtime 😦

    as long as its not “worrying” but just thinking it might be somewhat better 🙂

  3. The prompt was a good launching point. I do that a lot.
    It’s very hard to stop thinking, isn’t it? 😉 Almost as hard as it is to start sometimes.
    I think a lot about my achievements, because there are people I want to be proud of me. My achievements aren’t that fantastic in the grand scheme of things, but they’re pretty darned big coming from my background. When I think about it, I try to enjoy what I’ve accomplished & keep striving for future achievements. Does that help?

    Autumn, this was more about how we think we paid a price for an achievement, and then most of the times its just an excuse we give for a failure..just blame it on another achievement.
    also sometimes we “ourselves” regret what we achieved.

  4. Stop thinking? Last time I tried that, my brain nearly exploded. Hehe!

    Great post!

    silver..may be its time we practise stoping to think 😀

  5. hmm.. doesn’t everything come with a price tag?? i think most of us hv sacrificed our social life and plan to work on it sumtime later.. 😛

    as for the tip: ‘don’t think too much’ works better for me. coz i cn neva stop thinkin!!!!

    kinda impulsive post thr.. dnt work much on it??

    ssnab, and many of us realize that the later time never happens..always we end up with an excuse for it and finally it ends up being too late 🙂
    yeah I agree very impulsive post.

  6. Good morning, Rambler: I have been thinking a lot about this myself lately. In a bit different way: how the achievements change us so that we miss out on life. For instance, if you want money and work very hard for it, it may change you so that you end up valuing it and the stuff you get more than you did before. Money may have been security against hard times but becomes an end unto itself. And then you are old and cannot figure out how to get along with people and you are alone forever.

    OK, so not much different than your essay; but I hope I communicated what I wanted to say.

    Andree. thanks for a nice comment..missing on life may not be because of the money we make..may be we never knew how to enjoy life in the first place, may be we would not have enjoyed it even without money..may be its not a price we paid for making money

  7. It has been very long, since I thought about this. I usually leave the things and try to forget them if they make my heart vibrations to stop. I have seen many people (including myself), that achivements causes them to foget about the regrets. (even if this is for short time). But, a moment comes when we do remember all our regrets. I will surely remember in my last minutes. At, this time, I regret that I am not with my parents. If it was possible for me, I would have hold my mom for whole my life. I know, it is not possible………And I am not sure, will this be called a regret? I think I can call it, because I wanted to go bk and I can’t!
    Hope you are doing great!

    This infact, a great post to ponder about! Thanks……..making me to think!
    Bless You. ~Namaste~ Nidhi

    neilina, I know what you are saying, I do that many a times, leave a thought if it gets too heavy, and come back to it, when my mind naturally drifts towards that again.
    I was talking more on the terms of when achievements themselves become regrets.

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