Random Randomness #15/08


All the things I write over here are close to me, but one series which I use to like a lot was my ramblings series, mainly because I have the habit of reading them months down the line. Today when I read some of my old random ramblings, I relive those days, those strands of thoughts, and derive some kind of happiness and satisfaction, I totally sound like a weirdo, don’t I?
I had stopped doing this for quite a while now, people who are relatively new to this blog may not even recognize the series I am talking about, but this week I find myself with a sudden urge to revisit this old muse of mine. Guys I do know not many of you don’t like going through other’s weekly ramblings, and personal thoughts, but just bare with me on this one.

Random Fun:

It was Wednesday, the mid week and I was usual working on my laptop, some official work, and some playing around my blog, reading others, commenting and stuff, and came across this post ‘8-STAR‘ tag!! from NOSTALGIC MOMENTS by Pri. Its been quite a while since I came across the song “hum aapki ankhon mein is dil ko basale toh”, an old song, but kind of struck totally, so it started with just the humming, and then moved onto to singing loudly, broken words, wrong lyrics, whatever it was I was enjoying it, and I get up to make my long walk to the kitchen to fill my water bottle, still singing loudly unaware that’s its almost midnight and people in the house are sleeping. My dad who was sleeping in one of the rooms, wakes up opens the bedroom door, and looks at me puzzled, he had that total “what the hell happened to you” look on his face, he half asleep asks me, whats the occasion, I just smile and get back to my room. Singing at midnight can be priceless ;).

Random changes:
Some of you guys who are talking to me on gtalk these days might have wondered this, why am I talking so much on IM these days, I mean what happened to all that anonymity and stuff, not sure what has changed, but I seem to talking to more people, troubling them, I am sure atleast in some cases, [well a lot I must admit ]. Firstly I would like to apologize to all you guys, sorry people did not realize this until recently, so guys next time you see me pinging you, and starting an unsolicited conversation just throw me out will ya. Speaking of anonymity, I am really surprised that I gave out my true name to four people in last two weeks, what’s happening to me people? Any idea?.

Random Rules:
People who know me for some time now, do know about the various 21 day rules I start committing to, so time has come for my latest experiment, after umpteenth fight with my mother last week, an upset me has started a new 21 day rule, that whatever happens I am not going to raise my voice at home, and will not be angry at my mother. Now I have to admit this is one of the toughest challenges I am facing, I mean you get so used to taking your parents for granted and yelling at them. [If you guys have never got angry at home, nor yelled at your parents, then does that make me a psycho]. The best part is that its working, I have consciously avoided 4 confrontations in last 5 days, and today is the 7th day. So people wish me luck, let me see If I can carry this off, and well past the 21 days.

Random Wants:
I was reading a post about wanting to take vacation, throwing everything the way it is and escaping to a nice lonely island or a mountain top. I am sorry, I forgot where I read this, so people If you are reading this and it happens to be you who wrote that post, please accept my apologies. Anyways, as I was saying, reading that post, made me realize how badly I am looking for a break, break from the current work I have been doing at office, I want to go back to the honey valley home stay in coorg which I like immensely, or go to Pondicherry, have been reading  a lot about French café’s there, or may be go to Dharamsala, want to check out the place. Or may be just a weekend getaway with few friends and cousins would help for sure.

Random Discovery:
Was just answering comments on my blog this week, and it made me realize a pattern, I see that shorter the post more the comments , so do people find long posts boring?, may be people do not have time to read the whole post if it stretched beyond a size, more importantly who would want to read a boring writer like rambler for more than a few paragraphs. Guys don’t believe me, check some of the longish posts of mine ..
Random Fantasies:
Looks like all my ramblings this week are sparked off from the posts I have read. I was reading  the post  The Checkers from Twisted tales on life by Chennai ramblings, this made me remember the fantasy I used to have as a college student, I wanted to pull of atleast one all nighter, I mean where I go out party and don’t come back until the next day you see, I haven’t done it so far, I haven’t reached midnight either, well that’s if you leave out the time I spend with my cousins, never in a bar with friends. This post of her’s made me get back to my fantasy, of spending an all nighter. Ideas anyone?.


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  1. Never spent an all nighter?
    Rambler, don’t make me go aww…
    There you made me do that 😛

    Seriously, maybe the next time I am in Bangalore, I could beg you to show me some spots 😀
    For an idea, why don’t you get a couple of people and just go to different places through the night, doesn’t have to be pubs/discos, sometimes just driving down a few roads and finding a roadside dhaba, eating their food and chatting and ending it early morning with a Chai could be fun. You should try that.

    yer CR, i never did that, well I could suggest you some spots, never been to many of them though :).
    hmm I am one of those guys who sleeps very early, and with not many friends in my own age groups, pretty boring to say in one word. I would love to do all this what you just said, right company is a must though 🙂

    Regarding long posts, ironically a friend of mine was talking to me and said he skipped longer posts of mine since he usually browsed my blog through his mobile. Maybe it’s because the lesser words one uses, the more the others need to speculate, and hence the comments. Just a thought again.

    hmm yeah may be thats true..

    So are going to have an unveiling of Rambler soon? 😉
    It can be liberating and at the same time frustrating since you start to try and be politically correct, maybe the real you is now rebelling against the thought of being incognito? 😛

    unveiling.. well there’s not much to unveil, rambler is pretty ordinary, just another guy 🙂
    may be I am trusting people a lot more 🙂

  2. Random Fun -> 🙂 🙂 🙂 ………great!
    Random Changes -> I won’t say anything on tht. It is your thinking.
    Random Rules -> Great going! All the very best.
    Random Wants -> Go for it what you want, otherwise you have to ‘Stop Thinking’! Hope you got it.
    Random Discovery -> I have also seen tht.
    Random Fantasies -> It will be great. Go and see how the moon looks for whole of the night with the stars.

    Random changes..well you can still opine..
    Random Fantasies..well that I do a lot of times..watching outside my window 🙂

  3. Great post! I had lots more to say, but lost it all to wordpress being difficult. 🙂

    I am so sorry Autumn, I am not sure whats the problem with wordpress..I apologize

  4. haha im glad i reminded u of ur fav song 🙂
    it happens to be one of my favs too…
    heehee but getting caught by ur dad when singing in the middle of the night must have been embarassing…:p
    ohh about the short post and more comments thingy, dont give up..continue writing longer posts…and eventually readers will get fed up of u not quitting and start reading 😀
    but u got me wondering there…will notice from now on :-/
    about anger management, believe me, counting 1 to 10 helps (esp when it comes to moms and dads complaining) heehee

    Pri..It was fun, waking him in the middle of the night :)..oh I am pretty stubborn, generally do not give up on something so easily :), oh I have short burst of high voiced yells.. well yep thats anger 🙂

  5. Glad to see the randomness is back.

    I feel like I have said this before, but a lot of times I find it hard to comment to a long post-anyone’s long post. Perhaps long posts usually means there’s a lot of information…but whatever it is, sometimes I just can’t seem to write a decent response. Or sometimes by the time I finish the post, I have to then do something (as I normally read a post here and there at a time as I go about my day). I think that you’ll probably find the same with most blogs…the shorter posts (or average size) have lots of comments while the long posts don’t have many. I really don’t think it’s you or your writing.

    Silver..yeah may be you are right..may be its same in all the blogs.

  6. Most bloggers feel the need to “out” themselves after a while. Even if its just to feel a bit validated by their readers. I dont’ think you write about anything that would make you look bad here in the US but I understand its a whole different story in your country.

    good to see you back, oh no I do not think it has anything to do with the country.

  7. random fun…wonder no one went “shhhhhhhh..

    random changes…ha..ha..:)

    random wants: sounds fun…evrybody needs a break…

    random rules..: u don’t get angry at her..she’s gonna wonder what happened ..u’ll be in worse trouble 😉 so dont yell..but grumble..that is reassuring 😀


    I am waiting for her to ask that question, whats wrong with you 🙂

  8. Interas stuff u write..hehe

    Yah i agree longish posts do put off readers esp. me if if teh first few lines catch my attan i don mind readin da whole thing further. This one did manage to keep me goin till da end.

    Omg! Don temmme u being aguy haven’t gone on a nite out. *Shocked*

    Mez, well now that was interesting, “you being a guy”..so all guys are supposed to do nite outs?

  9. Fun post!

    I think I need to start applying this 21 day rule on a whole host of things! And that wanting to go on a vaction may have been me 🙂

    GDS, Believe me it works 🙂
    oh thanks for the vacation post, that made my day that day…planning about possible vacation plans.

  10. first off it is great to have ramblings back … i was wondering why you were not doing ’em
    i have a bad habit of singing well rather loudly in the shower
    and yesterday i was just “so immersed” in the song taht i was still singing when i came out … and doing that weird movements which i hope were close to a thing called “dancing” and my mom did go “what the hell” …..
    and hey nobody im’ed me …
    oh and the 21 rule day thing … best of luck with that …
    i cant seem to go through an entire day without fighting with my mom …. but i think that’s what keeps the love flowing between us ……

    my random want – a vacation … anywhere … just outside delhi ..
    my random fantasy – to have my curfew extending till 9 ….

    BB, thanks for the first line, I felt really good to read that one
    welcome to the group of loud singers 😀
    Oh I think you are too young to stop fighting 😀
    till 9?.. wow I must admit am really happy to see you hoping only till nine..somehow I am still conservative 🙂 so 10,11,12 us a strict no no

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