Hope, and a little smile


Smiling faces attract me. its very easy to appear beautiful, not just to me, but many others like me, all one needs to do, is smile. Smiles of any kind are attractive, the shy one, the reluctant one, the one on verge of a laughter, a highly controlled one, any type for that matter. I just can’t resist a smiling face.

I have about 30 minutes in the morning, between getting ready for work, and actually leaving for work. The 30 minutes are reserved for having my breakfast and a morning cup of my tea, while I am having my breakfast, I sneak in 30 minutes of Television. As my evenings go in either calls, or reading/writing blogs, the only time I get to watch television are 30 minutes in the morning, I need to cram in couple of cartoons, and some Kannada songs on U2, and some hindi ones on any music channel. Now in between while surfing, I generally lookup movies playing on TV, and do get to watch few minutes if the movie interests me. I got to watch few minutes of the movie mili on Wednesday, I have seen it earlier, but I had always dismissed the movie with an opinion that it’s a imitation of “anand” one of my all time favorite movie. Both the movies are about a person suffering from cancer, and their journey towards their death.

As I was watching the movie, there was one scene, when the patient is down with fever and almost in final stages of her life. One can see the heavy dark bags below the eyes, the face is almost down, and once very enthusiastic mili is very dull and quiet. That’s when she sees the leading actor Amitabh walk in to her room, and her face instantaneously picks up and she smiles. I have to admit, I just loved the scene, its so natural, and one can genuinely spot happiness on her face, even in desperate situation, the smile of hope is something a class about the ones I mentioned at the beginning of the post. The hope evident in the smile was highly impacting on me, I must admit I was kind of floored, I liked the scene very much.

What is it about hope that makes it so wonderful?. Being hopeful in this world is pretty difficult, I mean with so much of darkness around even hoping for a ray looks foolish, but not everyone has lost hope isn’t it?, I see many a hopeful faces around, I see them smiling, and believe me there is no one more beautiful than these smiling ones.


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  1. I must admit I smile rarely. Part of it is self-consciousness because I have crooked teeth, but most of it is that I generally try to hide & one of the best ways to do that is to be expressionless. Weird, but true. But one of my all time favorite sights is my Poor Hubby’s smile. I’ll do virtually anything to make him smile.

    autumn, believe me he teeth does not matter, there is something magical about the smil.e
    he is one lucky man..

  2. Hi Rambler, came here on Nita’s recommendation and I must say that you have a lovely blog.

    Mili is among one of the very few Hindi movies that I’ve watched and enjoyed. I remember the scene that you’re talking about. It’s quite saddening and uplifting at the same time. I wish all of us could smile during times of trouble. Living will become much easier that way.

    The ending of the story is quite open to interpretation. For what it’s worth, I was hoping in my mind that Jaya Bhaduri gets well (knowing very well that it’s only a movie.). 🙂

    Welcome to virtual ramblings..and thanks for such nice words
    I think I liked the ending..but then I would not have seen that she gets well..I feel probably they would have enjoyed whatever happened.

  3. Oh a day without a smile is almost a lost day for me. I thrive on smiling and laughing. I love the smile virus poem: Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu, when someone smiled at me today I started smiling to. Hope you have a great smiley day Rambler

    hey nice to see you back Marja..

  4. then I must tell u that u r going to like me. I smile stupidly at times, but smile I do 😀

    In all probability I will :)..like smily people..

  5. i love smiling faces around me. it is uplifting, and indicates that all’s not dark in the world. there’s something sweet, something magical about a smile. 🙂

    Totally agree with you priya

  6. This post sure made me smile 🙂

    Mili and Anand are two all time favorites of mine!

    Have a nice Sunday!

    Sam..well yes Anand is one of my all time favorite movies too 🙂

  7. Lovely thought!

    I have been hoping & hoping but no avail. And u want ppl to still keep smilin 🙂

    mez..thats the beauty of hope..keeps you smiling even with any avail

  8. Many times I have watched the movie and everytime I have fallen in love with it. Very true……….Like they say na, smile is the shortest distance between the people. Addition of sugar to hope is wonderful…….I love to smile and you know what, all my friends say that may be someone will do a black magic on my smile, I should not smile tht much………hahahahaha!

    Always keep smiling………the world looks beautiful that way! 🙂

    Bless You. ~Namaste~ Nidhi

    well continue to smile..people around you will love it

  9. the topic only made me smile … i am one of those people who smiles far too much … although my mom says that you can never smile far too much .. but i have a feeling that i do ..
    eevrything has a little incident related to it …and it brings a smile on my face .. teh other day we were watching that kolkata knightriders ipl match … and we laughed for an hour about absolutely nothing …
    and as for hope … aint that the only thing which keeps the world moving ..

    BB, Such days are magical, where we laugh without a specific regions..glad to know you are one lucky person 🙂

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