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Remember the question I asked some time back?

People who do not affect us, people who really do not care much about us, people who were close to us once upon a time, people who have grown up and apart, why do they still matter to us so much?, why can’t we forget that people who have drifted apart?

I think I am back to the same thought again today, I think I found the answer, “Time”, how effectively it makes us forget people, and reduced their need, their importance.

This put a even bigger question on my mind, are people really important?, people who did not stand the test of time, do they still matter to us?, is “mattering” just a function of time?, or time just hides the importance and people will be back to haunt us soon.


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  1. I think we have more control over other people than we sometimes realise. Joe and I had a ‘letting go’ ceremony several weeks ago, after it was suggested by a psychic that this might be very helpful. It was. We went out on the patio, lit a small fire in a container and symbolically burned pieces of paper representing people and past experiences; releasing negative energy and people from our lives as each one went up in smoke. It was powerful and has really helped to keep the negative karma and past experiences from being so destructive and present in our current lives.

    Geraldine..hmm I am not really sure if letting go will help..but definitely worth a try

  2. yeps..very true..even i ve thought abt this many a times…TIME – as it advances , makes everything in life meaningless.. ; not just with persons , it includes even materials ; if we spare some time to rewind our past and think for a while – it creates a void feeling…TIME makes us forget everything for which we were breaking our heads and worried about and it makes them all least important ..

    Suriya..that was the thing I had a dilemma about..does time really make us forget..or does it just mask a little.

  3. I think its because Memories Never Die.. These people were important to us in that phase of life, which in vague sense is connected to our current state. And TIME has the charm of tucking those memories in the cloak of obscurity, while we run in search of making those memories..

    oh very well said nrsl..

  4. Ok i dont even wanna look at the next set of questn cuz first i wanna know if Time actually made a difference to you? Or donno if u meant that in general terms.

    Mez.. thats the question here..does it really make a difference..or is it just a we really forget or time just fakes memory.

  5. I don’t think ‘mattering’ is a function of time. All the people to whom I am close, and sometimes it happened like I haven’t spoken with them continuously for 6 months due of some reason or another. But even after that, when I call them, I still feel the same attachment as was before.

    I can’t help time in fogetting some people and reducing their importance in my life. Whoever is important to me, will always be.
    People are never back to haunt, they just come because they need you. Giving without asking is the best thing we can do.
    Donno, may be all these appear bookish, but this is what I believe.

    Bless You. ~Namaste~ Nidhi

    Nidhi..sometimes I feel the time does make me feel as If I am detached a little, only to find out later that I am wrong.

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