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Eventful sunday

I always believed that one cannot jump a traffic signal unknowingly in Bangalore, I mean there is such high traffic, and people from the other directions always all set to jump in, there is no way you can jump a signal without realizing it.
I admit I am a very lazy person, I hate to go out during weekends, specially if it involves driving mainly because of the bad traffic in Bangalore and also my extreme laziness when it comes to dealing with two wheelers. This Sunday was different, I had It planned, I was to wake up by around 8am, have breakfast by 10, catch an episode of a game show which I missed on Friday night and wanted to see how good a singer has developed, and free myself by 11:30. I wanted to get to a second hand book store at the heart of the city to buy some books for me. I had finished my last unread book at home, “Lolita” by Nabokov, and had a list of books to buy.
So as per the plan, I left home at 11:30am as per the plan, and enter the J C road, this is one street which I have never seen empty, but today it was deserted, at least by Bangalore standards, I went past swiftly and took a right turn, and bang I was caught by a policemen. I slow down and park towards the road side and take off my helmet, and a nice looking policemen stares at me for a second or two. I begin to wonder, what wrong have I done, is this some kind of a routine check?, if yes I am in a big soup, as my bike’s insurance had expired and was pretty much hoping I had broken some rule so that he just fines for that. Looking at a puzzled me, he point me to a white colored car and asks me, did you just follow the car?. I nod my head, and he tells me, “sir neevu traffic signal node illa, avranna follow mad bittirdira”. [You have just followed the car, you have not seen the signal at all]. I was very shameful and he could make out that I had not realized till he told me, he asked me not to do again, put a fine of 400Rs for jumping signal and rash driving [his version of saying be careful when you enter highly crowded places] and off I went. My first driving ticket ever.

In a way very symbolic of type of person I am, most of the times a follower, always a reluctant leader.
Anyways the main fun was to follow, I had a list full of books I wanted to buy at this second hand book store, and was pretty satisfied with the help I got there, the lad there just took the list of my hand, and within minutes he had the stack ready.

So here is the list of books I bought on Sunday.

Memory of My Melancholy whores
. Gabriel Garcia Marquez courtesy
I have never read him before, this will be my first book of his. Book courtesy shelf of my blogger friends and Dream Catcher

I came across a passage written by Mrs Sudha Murthy in a mail that was forwarded to me by someone, I always have liked people who had a middle class feel to their writing, more of what I can relate to, so here’s another first book on my shelf
How I taught my grand mother to read and other stories” by Sudha Murthy

Sometimes when I am bored I resort to some dry wit, and so just wanted to try some humor book, so here I have “Sein Language” by Jerry Seinfeld, Yep the same sitcom comedian.

Its really surprising that I haven’t read many of Indian authors, so I caught hold of Anita Nair’s LADIES coupe, I am not sure why I picked this up, its more of a feminine book I suppose, but to be frank the cover picture kind of attracted me a lot, so went by the old saying, judge the book by its cover. [well I think I got this totally wrong, I think it was not to judge ]. Suggested by Idea Smithy

Last but not the least my tryst with a new genre, “My name is Red” by Orphan clue regarding what to expect. Suggested by Dream catcher

12 thoughts on “Eventful sunday

  1. Great! So many books that too in one shot. Good good! I haven’t read any of these books, so no suggestion! And about the traffic in banglore, I like it. I love to cross the road while running. And that sentence you wrote in kannada, I was trying to figure out, what exactly it means (without looking at the meaning). I got only one word….illa……. 🙂

    Bless you. ~Namaste~ Nidhi

    great Nidhi, impressed that you want to read kannada.

  2. what a great list of books and a couple that i haven’t read … may have to brave the snow to go to the bookstore 🙂 let me know how you liked them

  3. I DO NOT LIKE getting tickets!!!! Like you, I believe they are a mirror of the bigger picture in life, or how we are, or are not, living life!

    Looks like you have some good reading ahead!!! To curl up into a book is just the best, enjoy Rambler! 🙂

    Lea..I do not like getting tickets either 😦
    haha yep good reading to do 🙂

  4. A ticket!
    Be careful, speed demon 😀 (though I am sure you are not!)

    Regarding the books, have read only one of them – Memory of my mel. whores and I found it interesting
    Do give your review on the others so that I can pick them up accordingly (an excuse of my friend said I absolutely must read it works as enough of an excuse at home if I buy more books 😛 ) I am not speed daemon..atleast I think so 🙂
    would surely do the of now I am reading the Sudha Murthy one..and am liking it a lot.

  5. Oh, I’m jealous! I want some new books, but tend to get carried away & spend too much $. I’m getting a new (to me) one as soon as I finish this class. I always get one as a reward.
    Kudos to you if this is your 1st infraction! I’ve had…3? Something like that. I’ve gotta be careful, or I’ll lose my license. let us know what kind of books you read..may be a post on your blog 🙂

  6. speeding ticket… 😀 well, it happens at times.

    thanks for the list of books. hav not read any except the sudha murty one.

    Well it was a not a speeding ticket..more for jumping the signal 🙂

  7. ther’ always a frst time… 🙂

    that’s an impressive list of books…am very tempted to head out to te library 2day!!!

    Suma..[Nice to read the real name :)]
    Well I hope this is the last time as well..

  8. Oh oh!!! you lucky guy….getting to do book shopping…
    I”ll be ready to forgive any traffic jams…to run away and hide in the book store…
    which one did u go to? Blossoms???
    Pamuk’s book is good…i’m halfway thru it now.

    Prats..yep you are right I did go to Blossoms..

  9. Rambler: I am curious. What about online stores? The wife of someone I know runs First and Second (or some such)..

    I only ever go into one bookstore in London now – the rest merchandise the same and offer the same shit and searching for the weird books I read takes very long. Crossword on Residency Street has the same problem. I do however go to bookstores always in other countries because they serve up different fare and therefore there is plenty to find. Else it is Amazon UK for me.

    Shefaly.. I am not sure If I got your first line properly..
    so did you mean do I use online stores..
    Actually buying books online is difficult here, they take anywhere between 10 days to 3 months for delivery and also i guess its not guaranteed.
    I kind of searched the book online and went there to just give the guy a list and pack it up 🙂

  10. Rambler: Sorry I was rambling 🙂

    Yes, I meant to ask if you buy online. And you have answered that. Many people have told me the same thing which is really sad and makes me want to tell the “back-office of the world” to heal thyself… It is a shame that e-commerce involving physical shipping of products is so unreliable in India (I recognise – before other pedants do – that the problem is not with technology but with poor logistics and operations skills).

    The Oxford Book Store in Leela Galleria is small but has a good selection. Plus you can have tea too! A bit like R&B used to be on Ulsoor Road, opp Motorola way back in the mid-1990s. And Fountainhead near Lavelle Road also closed down. I never ventured to other bookstores in Bangalore. I found Gangaram’s, Higginbothams, and Strand cluttered and disturbing. And now of course, Crossword is a monstrosity. I met the boss-lady at a social in 2006, and when the introducing friend said to her that I have more books in my house than her shop has, I said yes, but the shop is crap. Oops. Did I say that loudly? Of course, I did. Ha ha! 🙂

    Do let me know if you come across bookstores around Indira Nagar or MG Road which I can visit on my next trip in.

    And with the books: Yenjaay maadi! I do not read fiction so cannot get enthused about any of them.

    Shefaly..if you don’t mind looking through a huge pile of highly unorganized shelves..Blossoms on church street is a great place, a second and first hand store, which gives a very fat discount, you can look up their website, check if they have the book, and then hand them the list as soon as you get into the store, they will search them for you.
    I heard the new Sapna store that has open in Indira Nagar is also pretty decent.

  11. Rambler: Anything with a website is great. Thanks for the tips! I shall go to Blossoms this time and try to find Sapna too. Thanks.

    You are welcome Shefaly

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