Four Directions – Heads or Tails #35


Its so simple to make instant noodles isn’t it?, I mean all you need to do is turn the packet over, and look for directions as to how to make yourself a wonderful cup of the yummy noodles. I wish many a times that our days were like this, we wake up and open the newspaper and bang, you have all the directions to make your day an awesome one. Two large hour-full spoons of self time, Two and a half cups of  soulful movie with a mate,  A stirring lunch with the family, some boiling playtime with the guys, a cool and soothing dinner at a fancy place, and a couple of miles of moon walk along the beach for the garnishing. Wish it was this simple to make a day awesome, all we need to do is turn over and look for directions

As a kid I remember getting directions from my parents, jumping on the sofa was a big no no, skipping dinner was forbidden, laughing too loudly while having food was almost a un forgivable sin. Sometimes I wish our emotions could take orders like these, I wish I could order myself in the middle of  a busy day, now is the time Laugh loudly, Wish I could forbid thinking anything about work once I reach home, wish I could control my urge to just go up the highs of a vacation when I am supposed to be reviewing an artifact at my workplace. It would be so simple isn’t it, if we could give directions to our mind.

Have you ever checked your deodorant spray? It does have directions for usage, we are supposed to open the cap, keep the nozzle at around 6 inches away from the body, and press the release button for about a second. It also comes with a caution of being highly inflammable, and directs the user to discontinue if a rash develops. Shouldn’t we have such directions to vent our bottled frustrations?, I mean keep your bottled frustration at a safe distance from your family, keep the cap tightly closed, when no ones’ around and you can’t hold it any more, give a  vent for few seconds, one should be cautious of as this can be highly destructible, and should be immediately discontinued in case of any signs rage.

I was once bored and alone in Arizona, and I wanted to go and try meeting someone at a local bar, knowing my socializing abilities, I wanted a backup, I wanted a bar that played music, just in case [in high probabilities] I chicken out speaking to strangers at a bar. So I choose some bar close by on the internet, and take the driving directions from the google maps. I take my car out, and follow the directions the reach the destination, only to find out the bar has long gone, and has been replaced by a dingy and dangerous looking central American place and is named La Bamba. Why does it happen in life, I mean why do we take pains in knowing the exact directions, reach the destination to find out that we were just a bit late, what we wanted has long perished, and whats remaining has nothing to offer.

The topic today over at skittles was “directions”.. and needless to say my mind ran in all four of them 🙂


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  1. I know I tell you this ALL the time but I love the way your mind works and how you are so good at expressing your thoughts.

    It would be nice if life came with directions, wouldn’t it? Or maybe that would take away all the surprise.

    Skittles..thank you so much for your kind the fact that someone thinks my mind works 🙂
    hmm may be it would take away the are right

  2. this is fantastic … absolutely fantastic!! i would love directions to vent our bottled frustrations 🙂

    Thanks Darlene, wouldn’t that be fun?

  3. Hey, its nice post. You can create anything from simple things in life. Exquisite!
    But confining ones life based on directions only……….I think it will be boring. If I have to do like this, then absolutely my mind will not be free. Really why do we take pains in knowing the directions? Let I be free and enjoy whatever comes the way!
    Bless You. ~Namaste~ Nidhi

    Hmm Nidhi..I think you are right, may be they are boring, but sometimes I wish I knew what to do to in those four situations I mentioned below.

  4. I can’t agree with Skittles more. Very true on all counts (especially for me regarding the frustration thing) & beautifully expressed.
    BTW, you are more than welcome to quote me. I’m flattered!

    so you too ?? hahah looks like we all need to join and celebrate our frustrations..may be it would go away 🙂

  5. This was very insightful. It’s also something I’ve been pondering of late. Thanks for sharing!

    Thanks byringbunny..would be nice to read your thoughts on the subject

  6. Mmm, instant noodles. I was half tempted to make them for my dinner…though, I think I will go with some grilled cheese sandwiches.

    It would be nice to have some directions on how to have a happy life. The internet is full of suggestions actually, but I have to wonder…if a person REALLY followed them, would they really work. Or would those “directions” only work for the author? Happiness is so suggestive that it would be impossible to have clear cut directions…such as what you would find on a box of instant noodles.

    silver..aha now you made me hungry again :), I agree totally, but this was hypothetical, wouldn’t it be fun to find such directions 🙂

  7. OMG…it is so funny that you posted about package directions. I used those as a grammar lesson a few weeks ago and was amazed that soap had directions on it!

    Thanks for stopping by my post…and for the kind comment 🙂

    Shan..this is a strange coincidence 🙂

  8. i really loved the way you handled this…your expression, views presentation…perfect!!!

    as for teh post…i really understand teh mood…much as i hate listening to peole, there are moments i wish i woke up with a perfectly planned day…

    very nice read… 🙂

    Suma..thank you so much for such kind words 🙂
    yep totally what I had in mind..perfectly planned day

  9. I really do wish life came with directions. But I guess the detours we sometimes take can be a little fun!

    Hey Natalie..I like the way you put it,, we definitely do love our detours

  10. Directions bring a comfort. Comfort in not having to worry.

    Matt…Long time no see 🙂
    yep they do bring the comfort, don’t they ?

  11. Life is so full of different routes, some easy, others difficult and there are times you need to turn back because of a dead end. Yes, it would be nice if somehow life came with directions.

    Totally Agree with you Rach

  12. Excellent post! I wish I had life’s directions at times, and others well I like the surprises 🙂 Happy belated HOT day!

    Thanks Sue

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  14. As a result of so many people trying to get rich by suing people, companies are being forced to put the most obvious directions/warnings on their products now. Sometimes, I just read directions on things just to get a laugh.

    Misty..yes sometimes the instructions are damn funny.

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