A lovely Quote and a tag


Yesterday’s directions have still kept me wandering, I pick this quote from a lovely blogger friend Autumn who writes over at “Random Autumness“. She is a new blogger friend of mine, and its been nice to discover her over last couple of posts. Yesterday I was just bowled over by this quote she made in one of her posts.

“I can walk any path. I no longer need to control my direction.”

I think somewhere we need to pick this confidence for our life, I mean reach a stage where we feel secure, and believe that we can walk any path, so what if some of them are hard and take a little more than the other sections, so what if we lose our way a little, we will get back on our feet and walk the path.

I also picked up this small meme over at her place , its a set of questions for which we need to answer in one word. So here goes my attempt

Yourself: Boring
Your Partner: Absconding
Your Hair: Receding
Your Mother: Advicing
Your Father: Cool
Your Favorite Item: Food
Your Dream Last Night: Naughty [for a change]
Your Favorite Drink: Coffee [Vodka in alcohol]
Your Dream Car: Mustang
Your Dream Home: Crowded
The Room You Are In: Bedroom
Your Fear: Loneliness
Where Do You Want To Be In 10 Years: Travelling
Who You Hung Out With Last: Co-Workers
What You’re Not: Patient
Muffins: Blueberry
One of Your Wish List Items: Friends
Time: Punctuality
Last Thing You Did: Work
What Are You Wearing: T shirt
Your Favorite Weather: Rainy!!
Your Favorite Book: “Tuesday’s with Morrie”
Last Thing You Ate: Chat
Your Mood: Tiresome
Your Best Friends: away
What Are You Thinking About Right Now: Dinner
Your Car: yet to buy
Your Summer: hot and humid
What’s on your TV: IPL [Cricket]
What is your weather like: HOT!
When Is the Last Time You Laughed: A week back
Your Relationship Status: non-existent.


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  1. Aw, shucks! I’m so honored. I love having bloggie friends! It’s always such a pleasure to write now because people out there actually read it. (Back in pre-blogging days, I just accumulated junk & bored the people closest to me with it now & then.) If I make anyone feel anything, I consider it a gift. I’m glad you got somethin’ out of my little “pome.”

    For what it’s worth, you got one friend for your wishlist! πŸ™‚
    It’s only a matter of time before you snatch up a sweetie. Your writings reflect a rare breed in the male species: thoughtful & considerate! Let’s just hope she’s worthy of you.

    Autumn, its a pleasure having you as a friend, and as I said still love the quote of yours..
    and thanks for such kind words

  2. Ooh, I like these 1 word memes, alhtough I can never stick to just one word. But I’m a little curious, the last thing you ate, “Chat?” 😎

    Frigga..Chat is a north Indian snack..little sweet,spicy and tangy forms

  3. You laughed so long BACK!


    and that thought was so cool.. and yah I dnt have the confidence yet to quote it for myself! Autumn that was GOOD!

    Well… what can i say! LAUGH at least πŸ˜›

    Veena..lets see when I get the whole hearted laugh the next time

  4. a week back!!!!..come on, rambler…quit being moody, smile!!

    tuesday’s with morrie is on eof my favs too…

    Suma..like the tone in your comment πŸ™‚
    oh the book is really good

  5. mmm … if i were to do this tag .. i would have answered most of them them same way you did ..
    except the part about when you laughed …
    one week … is a long time …. you need to *laugh*
    I was laughing during a math class yesterday that too mensuration
    it doesnt necessarily need to be funny to make us laugh ….

    p.s. – havent had chat for a while … i think i will go out today …i can just imagine it right now ..

    Oh really, thats suprising :)., oh go have some chat..never say no to food πŸ™‚

  6. This is such a great list!!!!

    I do take issue with your first answer. I know you think you are boring. But I do not. You forget to look elsewhere in you… for I find you to be one of the most interesting, and interested in life, people I know in bloglandia!!!

    I hope you can let yourself laugh more. There are funny things everywhere, it is just opening up to them…

    I echo Autumn, you are a catch Rambler! πŸ™‚

    Lea..I am surprised you find me interesting…no I am not being honest here..just that some of my concepts and thoughts are a little wierd compared to people
    Oh I do smile..but not lot these days
    and you are embarrassing me with the “Catch” πŸ™‚

  7. nice quote. and interesting meme. i might do it too. πŸ˜€

    Priya..do let me know when you do this one πŸ™‚

  8. seems like u need to make sum immediate royal changes in ur life buddy!!

    loved the quote πŸ™‚

    hmm and that would be regarding πŸ™‚

  9. “When Is the Last Time You Laughed: A week back”

    Rambler: That needs changing pronto. You are only 26, not an old kurmudgeon!

    Shefaly..looks like everyone is after only this question :)…may be I do need to change

  10. Every thing else if fine but what is this???!!!
    “When Is the Last Time You Laughed: A week back”

    As famous proverb goes “the most wasted day is the one when we haven’t laughed”.

    No, no, no, you can’t waste a week!!! wish you loads and loads of laughs every day. Hope all your thoughts to clear the way for a hearty laugh.

    Hey Akshata..welcome back..long time no see…
    I like your words..can;t waste a week..well I did have a nice weekend..and smiled a lot on all three days πŸ™‚

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