We get used to our own thoughts, beliefs and sensibilities, you speak to people who think very much like you, people who perceive the same sensibilities and believe the same beliefs and then you tend to believe that world is like you, and all us are similar. Once in a while its good to be reminded that world is full of variety and each of us think so differently.

Today I was reminded that how easily one can be the odd man out, how one can be perceived “desperate” or “mad” by people. For a moment I was very angry, in fact a part of me is still angry, but then the more calmer side in me won today, easily I could have argued or had a verbal argument with a couple of people, but then I was in no mood to fight today, and also at that moment for some strange reason I thought they would never understand, even If I argue all day, all I am doing is proving myself to be more “mad” in front of them.

It all started with a discussion about cheerleading which is kind of new to India. The new IPL [Indian Premier League] has brought in the concept of cheerleading to India and Indian cricket. Vijay Mallya who was in charge of the opening ceremony brought in Washington RedSkins for the opening ceremony, which did not go well with many Indians, especially couple of people who travel with me. According to them, instead of giving so much money to them, they could have invited some talents within Karnataka, and they really did not get what a cheer leading team actually does. I was of the opinion that, I totally support that some talents within Karnataka should be given a chance, but what I did not agree was the use of word “instead”.

Today on the way back, somehow the topic of belly dancing came up, I was saying that many people are taking up this form of dancing for fun, and while speaking on that, It just came out that I suggested my cousin’s wife to take up belly dancing for fun. The  usual clichéd arguments came out, and I was saying there is nothing wrong with the belly dancing, and even though I did not use the exact words, what  I wanted to say was its not some kind of erotica or cheap vulgar dance form as it is made out to be. I was greeted with a interpretations of turning into a desperate person, and one jokingly made a comment of saying “mad” person, I did not take it as a joke, I was furious at that person.

That’s when I realized how different our sensibilities are, may be he is right in many eyes, and I am right in some eyes, but the divide is huge. I don’t even want to think about who was right who was wrong. I felt I must be appearing the same way to them, as they appear to me,  as someone who has absolutely no sense, may be its difference in ideologies, or may be just the way we think.


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  1. Communication is just plain hard. Even when you know someone really well, you words can occasionally be misinterpreted. Emotions & intentions are perceived that have no bearing on what you’re trying to communicate. Working in a call center, being married & just being human, I’ve realized this over & over again. Ugh. I feel your pain.

    Yeah sometimes we do not communicate well, but then sometimes its just that we think differently and just got to accept the differences

  2. hmm.. been there..
    very true!! its the basic difference of ideologies.
    sadly most of the time, m nt as sensible as u and end up arguing.. i just find people so highly norrowminded!!

    ssnab..I think sometimes we just need to see it from other’s view..as in this case, I appeared to myself as narrow minded as they appeared to me from my side 🙂

  3. i agree…u have to be open to all kinds of views while speaking on a debatable topic…
    u shudent have lost our cool…

    Pri..I did not loose my cool there ..I just was angry internally..may be I was too passionate with my beliefs

  4. I am thinking, how life will be if I am with only with the people who shares my idelogy. Hope……….if it can be like that! Amen. But I feel differences make us to think someone different and may be we can judge ourselves better, atleast we can have someone’s thinking to compare our thinking with.

    I also didn’t like the word ‘insted’. I feel, we should be flexible enough to allow changes and to accept new things. But not forgetting what is with us!

    And that Belly dance. I love it. That word only makes me happy. [:)]

    Bless You. ~Namaste~

    hmm yes I think i agree with you :)..but unfortunately sometimes in passion of discussion we loose our composure..and tend to be a little over defensive and attacking

  5. in Holland it is a sport to engage in discussions with people who have a different opinion. I think it is great. There is no need to be angry or joking because others think differently. It would be boring if we all were the same.
    have a nice day

    great words “t would be boring if we all were the same.”..yep I think you are right

  6. I am sorry they made you feel bad. You should be able to express your opinion if you wish. My friends and I often take opposing points of view but in the end we all still get along. Don’t be too upset.

    Oh no I am no longer upset..but I was that day partially at them, and more so with myself for not realizing from where they stand they must be seeing me as unreasonable as I see them.

  7. each on has his own opinions….and its the way we react that it is seen as different. But like you said its an individual perception….no one is right or wrong here…
    Yes IPL is bringing up a hue and cry over lots of issues…but hopefully in the end, the game ‘cricket’ gets to win..

    Prats..hopefully its good cricket at the end of the day 🙂

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