A drink in their hands,
Smiles on their face,
A candle to soothe,
And a lovely conversation too .

Outrageous they were termed,
A single mom, she belonged to nineties
A tired teacher, he was of sixties

They shared something beautiful,
Battered bodies, shattered souls.

The bridge they began constructing
Was never meant for completion.


I am just back from a vacation, and for a change am in a real good mood, I struggled to write something on outrageous but I was in too much of a positive frame of mind to think about outrageous, then I began thinking about completion and kind of struggled with that too. Hopefully this makes some sense


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  1. its beautiful. 🙂 and it does make a lot of sense. a lot of what the society terms ‘outrageous’ can be beautiful, if taken in the right sense.

    sometimes more than the society, its just our inner self which gives us false inhibitions

  2. wow! it is lovely post. the bridge they began constructing, was never meant for completion……..I love these lines. I am inagining how simply and beautifully you have captured all the emotions. I like it.
    Bless You. ~Namaste~

    Thanks Nidhi, glad you could relate

  3. I hope you had a great time! Sounds like you deserved a vacation. 🙂
    That was a very lovely poem. Once again, you provide an image very well.

    Thanks Autumn

  4. a may. december romance… i don’t see how those young people do it… i am 46 and men my age gross me out… i cannot imagine being with an older man… or vise versa….

    Paisley, I am not sure why you think that way, I feel when we connect with someone age does not really matter, why do you think men below your age may not have a good conversation with you?, or support you?. I agree I haven’t had such a relation, however I do not see any reason why I may not enjoy company of a much old women, or a very much younger one. And I again I am not just talking about romance, relationships can be beautiful even without them

  5. Hi there

    Hope you enjoyed ur vacation 🙂

    I liked ur take on “completion” . especially the positive aspect.
    you know what .. I would hv liked a happier ending ..
    “The bridge they began constructing
    Was never meant for completion.”

    Isnt everyone entitled to happiness ..? ..may be the bridge should be completed ..

    I still feel completion need not mean happiness always, and also incomplete need not be stuff, some are left undefined and incomplete still something which gives us immense pleasure..

    Thanks for your comments on the blog .

  6. thats the effect a nice vacation has … wow .. i need one …
    but great work ..
    and i am trying not to write a usual …
    but then i just did
    but this had a different take ..anyways …
    batteed bodies , shattered souls ..
    excellent line !!!!!!

    thanks BB, well I am not so sure if vacation did any good to my writing, but it did a lot of good to me 🙂

  7. this was wonderfulllllllll !!!!
    I am amazed at the way you spin these words, tumble them and finally frame them to mean a lovely poem – this one was profound..

    Yesht disa aytu, where did you get lost 🙂
    and thanks for nice words 🙂

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