The weekend that was – Heads or Tails #36


Skittles has an interesting topic for this week’s Heads or Tails. She wants us to share a fond memory. I could’ve brought something out of the my 26 year old memory bank, but I chose to bring out a very recent memory, something as recent as this weekend.

This weekend I took a break from my routine work and decided to take a small weekend vacation with my my parents, my cousin and his family, and my aunt’s family. It began with a plan to spend the weekend at a resort, only to find out they were all booked, we didn’t want to cancel, so decided to spend the weekend at my aunt’s place instead. However we just stopped over on the way to Mysore, to see if there were any last minute cancellation at the resort we wanted to stay, and to our surprise we found what we were looking for. We booked for a single night stay for Saturday, and we negotiated a good deal from Saturday morning till Sunday late afternoon. What followed was a string of sweet memories.

  • Nostalgia from years down the line spent in Mysore with my two cousins, the times we have had fun, places visited and pranks relived, fun remembered. Sometimes it fun just reliving the moments from the past
  • An Aunt’s special dinner, with a delicacy which she prepared the best, I have to admit I ate a little too much
  • A place which is very small, and has an almost unnoticeable grandeur, well I am not talking about the famous Mysore palace, but a place called “Mylari hotel”, famous for their amazingly soft Masala Dosa. Saturday morning spent over a sooper cool breakfast.
  • Being greeted by some Bikini clad people at the resort by the pool [well I am naughty sometimes :)]
  • An hour spent along the river kaveri, trying to help my 6 year old niece catch a fish.
  • Hours spent lazing in the pool, without knowing how to swim, and almost blind without my specs, with my niece and my cousins.
  • Playing cards with the family till 1 am filled with roars of laughters and lots of fun.
  • Sleeping till 9:30 in the morning to be woken by a bored niece
  • A trip to a local hillock and a very calm temple, walking bare foot in a scorching sun.
  • A long enacting of a being a wild flower, with a lot of swaying and hushing noise as well, my niece is playing a flower in her summer camp’s play. So we got a demo of her play as well as the dance she is gonna perform.
  • A post lunch card game to wrap up a lovely weekend spent, with a lot of fond memories to carry away from.

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  1. That sounds wonderful. I recently asked my Poor Hubby to relieve me from family gatherings. I’m not as lucky as you. 😉 I don’t like my family or his that much. 🙂 I’m so glad you had fun!

    Autumn you shouldn’t miss family gathering, they are fun 🙂

  2. woww..this sounds like fun!!
    maybe u should do this more often…
    maybe we all should…sigh!
    how i wish i could just holidaaayyy right now*dreamy look*

    just don’t worry, go ahead and take a vacation 🙂

  3. oh … !!! you had some fun !
    pretty memories..
    playing cards is like the quintessential thing to do on family vacations’s
    and did i mention you are one sweet uncle ….

    haha I bet my niece does not think so 😛

  4. Wow so much fun…

    Been ages i went on a holiday n tht too with family. sheer bliss.

    oh it was bliss 🙂

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