Cappuccino and espresso


After a long time met up with S at a cafe with her husband N yesterday, it had been almost close to 5 months since I met her, after couple of hours of chat and a Cappuccino and espresso later, it feels good to realize we still have the old connection intact. I was a little apprehensive first, and so was she I guess. But like old times, it was fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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  1. U didnt say whether you enjoyed the coffee !!! Usually, meetings over a cup of coffee are fruitful !!!

    With coffee, as long as sugar is less, I just love any kind 🙂

  2. that’s nice!!! glad u had a good time
    It happens so often now, you go to meet someone with a shared past and just can’t get the connection any more!

    oh yeah..well its good isn’t it..not loosing the connection

  3. Apprehensive…why? Is she ur ex?

    nah she is a close friend..apprehensive because it had been a long time since we met..[well just 5 months if you see :)]

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