Couple of unusual evenings


After an unexpected and fun evening with S on Thursday, Friday turned out to be another unusual evening too. Many of you guys know that I don’t smoke, but then this is what I did on friday evening

My friend set up a hookah at home, being a non smoker had never tried one, and it turned out to be fun. As I do not like the tobacco smell, we filled it up with strawberry flavored non nicotine stuff, all in all an unusual experience and a fun filled one.

Meanwhile its been a long time since I posted something over at pure pursuits, so here it goes
I call it “Amateur thoughts


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  1. I don’t smoke because I suspect that I have an allergy to it. The two times I tried, I ended up spending the next month or so coughing up a lung. Not fun.

    Oh I too cannot take smoke..this was just an exception :)..wanted to try how it feels

  2. As you know, I smoke, but have never done hookahas, infact have never been tempted
    But it looks like you had loads of fun 😀

    oh me too this was the first time..was trying it for the first time

  3. Ah, I smoke. Trust me, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. My lung capacity has reduced by 40% in the 14 years I’ve smoked.

    well I do not like the I think I am safe until my dislike goes away 🙂

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