Handicapped by life


Seeming ruthless,
Looking ferocious
Blinding the survivors,
Biting into the orange twilight,
A beastly, new moon night,
Slowly engulfed a beautiful dusk.

He didn’t live his twilight.
But ferocious ‘it” was,
It never listened.
What remained were just ‘his’ traces,
And a satisfied beast.

Left him breathing,
Killed his life.
Scar-less body survived the massacre.


The topic this week at writer’s island is “ferocious“.


Also the other prompt this week is identity, I had written some on the same subject before, thought of providing the link, guys please do check them out

He is all That”



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  1. your poetry is really coming along rambler,, sometimes being left breathing with less than a life is the most painful way to go……

    Hey thanks Paisley, coming from a great poet like you it means a lot to me.

  2. nice description and poignant poem. yep, sometimes life handicaps you, but it is upto you to a great extent whether to remain handicapped or not. isnt it?

    priya, I agree that we can fight the handicap, if we want to. But then sometimes the fierceness leaves you void of zeal and confidence and that causes the worst death one can imagine

  3. leaves the cause for imagination, which is good – yyes, you are a Poet!!

    Rusty..like the statement you make at the end 🙂
    well cause was supposed to be something which the reader will imagine, worst death one can get differs from person to person right?

  4. “Biting into the orange twilight,
    A beastly, new moon night,
    Slowly engulfed a beautiful dusk.”

    Very unusual this piece .. all that brilliant palette of sunset colors routed by the darkness of a new moon night. Wonderfully created image.
    Just like the ferocity of Life too . One does not know when to expect or its impact at that moment nor its after effects unless fully experienced.

    Great post.

    Thanks Shubd,

  5. sometimes there is a really powerful piece of poetry which propels your imagination to draw this multitude of colors and scenes trying to express the poem in a picture …
    and my “imagination” tried too …
    as if the strength of the poem is visible …

    oh thanks for such lovely words

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