Can anyone tell me?


“You” are a Male
“You” are a Kannadiga
“You” are a South Indian
“You” are an Indian
“You” are an Asian
“You” are a Hindu
“You” are Brown
“You” are a IT Professional

When am I going to be “me” , Just “me”?
When am “I” going to be blamed for “my” mistakes ?
when am “I” going to get credit for “my” success?


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  1. Is all this not part of your identity though? Without all these factors, who would you be?

    welcome to virtual ramblings.. I totally agree with you that they are a part of my identity and I would be something very different without these, but then should one really be blamed or praised because of these factors alone?, will I ever become an intelligent person just because I am an Indian?, should I always hate people from north India just because I am south?, when I go ahead and end up doing something stupid should be culture be blamed?

  2. Honestly, to me, you’ve always been an incredibly profound blogger. None of that other stuff identified you @ all.

    Glad that you see me through my work

  3. That’s also ur identity…so why shy away from it.

    mez, I would not shy away from my identity..but then just look at what I replied to solitaire.

  4. its better that we ‘live’ our identities no matter how inconsequential and create meaning despite that…

    DC..somehow I hate to live these forced identities onto me..some of it really hurts

  5. did not get the post actually. sorry abt that. Whats wrong with these identities ? One should be proud of the their traditions and base. nothing wrong if you are being identified with these adjectives right ?

    BlueMist, again as I said in one of the other comments..its not the identities I am running from, instead running from people who think people are good or bad, just based on these rather then what they really are

  6. How will it be if some one calls you Lady Rambler ;o), Tamilian, East Indian, Chinese etc etc? There exists nothing as pure form of YOU. In other words, all the mentioned factors form you, partially. Lets be proud of it :o)

    About others, who accuse/blame your culture background etc etc for success/failure, give a divine ignore. Selective Listening :o).

    Those who judge people on culture, background, Nationality etc are the ones who don’t have proper reasoning behind their accusition, but still they want to, then they employ such tactics as you mentioned. These people are really no worth of giving thought and next time if they say, ask them, “Houdu, eneega??” [Yes, so what??], they will not dare again…

    Akshata..I have absolutely not problem being called a north/south Indian, all I have problems is with slotting someone with some characters just because he/she is a north/south Indian. Even though I would love to ignore such statements, sometimes I hate it to the core..

  7. Very abstract topic.. Would be great for discussion over a cuppa! 🙂

    anytime swat.. discussion and cuppa what else would I need 🙂

  8. you are you …
    one deep profound intresting person ..
    these are just ways to identify you with … even if you dont want to be …
    we live in a stereotypical world …
    where we are clumped together in categories …

    I hate it when we are categorized on things ..

  9. never…

    but u knw what… i like ur this part better than those 🙂

    i dnt really care abt that 🙂

    i wont 🙂

    because many of that me too 🙂 be honest.. I did not understand a word of your comment 😀

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