A Materialistic prayer


Some of the weird things I have prayed for…

Oh God,
Please make sure we get the movie tickets today
[I am very passionate about my movies]

Oh God,
Please let her not get more marks than me in kannada
[It was my weakest subject in middle school, and used to always loose top position because of this subject]

Oh God,
Please make me big enough, to fit into normal adult jeans
[I had a tough time moving up to waist 26, where all  pairs of standard jeans began]

Oh God,
Let me wake up one day, and power of my eye vanish
[Used to hate wearing specs as a kid, even now I do]

Oh God,
Let me not get any calls tonight,
[On days I am on call, I may have to wake up middle of night and work]

Oh God,
Please get me the joker, in the next time I pick a card.
[Card games can be fun, and am never less competitive]

Oh God,
Let India win today, don’t want them to loose this one..
[Cricket is an important part of most of us]

Oh God,
Please do make the Microprocessors paper go easy
[The only subject which I thought I would have tough time. Surprise surprise I got highest marks in that]

Oh God.
I want to ask something, but having nothing on mind now, so just surprise me this time
[he he believe me I did this once/twice]

And the list continues…


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  1. Rambler:

    The poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan – you can guess whose dad he was – once wrote that God is not his personal clerk to do his bidding. A sentiment I often repeat to my friends who “pray” not very differently from you. You have plenty of company I think. 🙂

    Shefaly..somehow I have never been shy of asking, be it my parents, friends or even god for that matter.
    oh I never meant to convey that I regret asking these..just sometimes makes me amazed what all I have asked for 🙂

  2. “Please let her not get more marks than me in kannada”..:)….we used to do the same thing in high school[kannada is really tough]!…..[nice blog:)]

    oh my mother tongue is kannada, but struggled initially to score 🙂

  3. believe me… if i jot down the prayers i did frm time to time… till now this point.. u will be ashaed… ki yurs are so sweet ;))

    hehehe! u r no competition to me in that dept!

    so u were a nerd kinds 😛 topper and all 🙂

    one slight correct though ” so u were nerd kinds”.. nope not at all. I am still nerd kinds 🙂

  4. Rambler if you still worry about these things means that you got a pretty good life. Pray for that next time and say thanks
    Have a nice day dear rambler

    Marja..I think I left out the thanks part..thanks for reminding

  5. now analysing my prayers …
    99% materialistic , 1% selfless

    high marks in the exams
    movie tickets
    and let india win in this match

    these three are probably the “most prayed prayers” ….

    the first one tops my praying list all the time !!!!!!!!!!!

    ha ha good statistics this one 🙂

  6. My, my…you surely do have a long list of wants…and high hopes….lol..power disappearing overnight…that can be done….try lasik surgery 🙂 It works

    and yes…I would want my movie tickets when I set out too…on any condition

    prats..believe me its not possible for all 😀 I mean Lasik

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