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An impulsive dragon

An impulsive dragon,
Spitting fire onto the world,
Melting towers,
Burning life.

I was told its extinct,
I was told its a myth.

You know what,
I truly believed,
I really trusted.

Kashmir, Mumbai and now Jaipur too.

Hey you!,
The guy up above.

Please don’t make our days
A cruel impulse of terror.


Hey guys, I am back after a short self imposed exile.

The prompt over at writer’s island this week is “impulse”.


12 thoughts on “An impulsive dragon

  1. A plea to the natural forces to go away. Provided, in some of them, we are not partly responsible, of course.
    Nicely done.

    Actually this was more a plea against terrorism.

  2. such events only strengthen my disregard for such a supreme being should there end up being one…..

    hmm somehow it does not weaken my regard for the supreme being

  3. How I wish these were ‘impulsive ‘ acts ! Then perhaps we could also hope that sense would prevail and these’ impulsive ‘ and destructive acts may also be nipped in the bud. But the fact remains that they are deliberate . Cruel. Wanton. Unnecessary.

    But yes .. we can ..and should ask The One above to help us make these ‘impulsive’ people see the heartlessness and the inhumanity of their actions .

    Yours was such a fresh and novel take on the prompt impulse’ . So topical and meaningful .

    Thanks for your comment on my poem “Liberation” and the picture that goes with it . When my sister took this one of me and my footprints in Goa about a year ago , I never knew I would blog it !! 🙂

    And last but not the least .. CONGRATULATIONS . on your 501st post … may you have many more !!

    Thank you for the kind words..and yes sometimes we owe explanation from him, don’t we?

  4. I like this 😀
    I read it to my son, the dragon lover and he took the dragon as literal and thought it was really neat.
    As for our impulses, well, they are ‘our’ impulses, not Gods. If He wanted to do he would take over like a tyrant and control us like little robots but thats kind of pointless considering freewill. It’s a theology lesson…lol…too much to write here but if you’re interested, I’ll evangelize ya…LOL
    Good read 😀

    Jen.. Please do evangelize..its sounds really interesting

  5. It is the worst of worst of things that can happen on earth. Why you believed and trusted….the impulse can come-up anytime to shatter our faith! I always fear to go through that way to meet my father……..who knows on which hill top they are sitting and watching us. I feel very sad about all these families. It pains a lot when you come to know that the reason of death is another person rather than God.

    It is a nice entry………..beautifully captured and imagined about ‘impulse’! Keep going……..Good, that your exile period was small.

    Bless You! ~Namaste~

    whoever is the reason, whatever is the cause..loss of life is painful..and just wondering the state of that day or the other when he realizes he/she was the cause for a loss of bad he/she would feel.

  6. There are times when the Guy up there appears to be nothing but a myth, and these are some of those times.
    But I always associated dragons with nobility and honour and it was disconcerting to see them used as a symbol for men and women who show no remorse at wiping out the lives of so many innocents.
    I would love to know why you came to use them here? What made Rambler pick a legendary beast here? 🙂

    Dragons are very mythical, and deceptive, they have the power to do both good and bad whatever they chose to be. So thought of them..btw dragons are not beasts..unless they act as one

  7. I dnt knw what to say really. It is not HIM who is making them do it.. It is them themselves…I hate…I seriously hate such shallow beings.

    Its not HIM agreed, may be HIM can make them not do it?

  8. Oh! Nice poem, Rambler, really well done. Of course, the energy that flows through all things sometimes gets a little excited – the dragon is only dancing as dragons must – unfortunately, it doesn’t generally consider those that may fall in its wake. But everything has it’s own rhythm and perhaps one day, all the energies will be able to dance in accord. 🙂 be honest..I really didn’t get what you meant to say here 🙂

  9. The battle between good and evil from then to now use different faces. The dragons of then and the terrorists of now contenue to threaten the balance, the harmony. It is for us, for people in the good side of the beam to work together to keep that balance and if everything doesn’t work we call that guy above us. He’s been there since the beginning of time and we are all in his hands. He knows better.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    I like the idea you put forward. of us on this side working together.

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