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I screwed up big time!

I think I must be the dumbest blogger ever. I just realized that from the time moved onto wordpress I have unknowingly used email id with my real name, while comment on any of the other wordpress blogs. How dumb can I get?.

stupid..plain stupid me.

7 thoughts on “I screwed up big time!

  1. whats the problem with that by the way!

    Two problems.
    1. Shows how stupid I can be
    2. Its no longer anonymous in cases.

  2. Does that mean the near disclosure of the real you ;o) ??? So whats up in your mind now???

    Akshata..lets see about the disclosure..
    whats up on my mind?.. a feeling of stupdity..

  3. haha no problem…u did that even when submitting ur email addie for my personal blog 😀
    but neverthless we will still go by ‘rambler’ 🙂
    (only because u want it that way)


    pri..Did I do that???? 😦

  4. why are u soooooooooo hesitant to reveal ur real name? its ur own choice of course, but come on, its just a name. u may not reveal other details..

    Priya somehow I do not like the idea of bridging the gap between the online and the offline life, may be a stupid fear I have

  5. Now you know how I knew your name? 🙂

    You can change the email ID in the dashboard if you do not want it to carry on. They will send a confirmation email to the new ID and then the process will be complete.

    Shefaly you should have told me then 😦

  6. Rambler: I told you then. You were not listening 🙂 Tx is not always the same as Rx.

    Really? I am surprised..I thought I had a very good Rx side

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