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Return of curious ramblings.

The story behind the superman,
Existence of Santa,
The haunted mansion across the street
Toothless, tattooed, scary granny at the end of the street.

Unsolved mysteries from my childhood
A curios me
A mysterious world.

I wondered, is this the end?
The end of, the curious “Me”?

Riddles of the relationships,
Cobwebs within people’s minds,
Baffling boundaries between materials and spirituals
Puzzling clues of a dreamy damsel,

Older “Me”
Deeper the mysteries of life,

The return of the curious “Me”.


The prompt over at writer’s island this week is “return”, here’s my attempt


17 thoughts on “Return of curious ramblings.

  1. Two different combination of curosity! Welcome for this return. I never thought of these two different pictures. Nicely you have drwan the words to show this linkage. Really I don’t know whether it should salute this curosity or not. But I know you will look it with positive approach with best spirit! Keep Moving………..

    Bless You! ~Namaste~

    Thanks Neilina,
    I think its it is positive..its fun too

  2. just wait till you have more life experience.. belive me,,, it gets curiouser and curiouser all the time….

    That sounds awesome 🙂

  3. The mysteries are getting bigger and more fascinating although Santa klaus was quite fascinating as well when I was young

    I think I was fascinated by all kinds of things as a kid 🙂

  4. Rambler,

    Life starts to get boring when we end that childlike curiousity in us. It is ok to grow up, but it is important that we keep that child wonder in our eyes for it let us see the colors of life.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    Exactly Jaques, it does get boring with the curiosity isn’t it?

  5. curious cat..hmm? ‘Puzzling clues of a dreamy damsel’ taken up cryptography recently? 🙂

    hmm yeah curious is fun right :)…hmm wouldn’t mind taking, if if find a dreamy damsel 😀

  6. oh … this is cool !
    mysteries of life … oh-so baffling ….
    somehow the haunted mansion and the cobwebs of the mind (as you perfectly put it ) seem almost equally mysterious

    they are mysterious, aren’t they?

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