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Its an emergency.

Guys its feels just yesterday I brought good number of books and published this post Eventful sunday, but sadly I am almost done with the last of the books I bought.
Its an emergency right now, I need to quickly form a list of books to buy, so all I have are you guys, please do suggest some books so that I have a good list to pick from.
btw guys…I am planning to try a new any suggestions?

8 thoughts on “Its an emergency.

  1. I’m totally stuck in Fantasy novels. I’m working on 3 collections: Dragonlance (multiple authors), Symphony of Ages (Elizabeth Haydon) & Incarnations of Immortality (Piers Anthony). Somehow, I think the Immortality books might be a bit up your alley. The 1st of the series is “On a Pale Horse.” Good stuff. Hope that helped!

  2. Try non-fiction.

    I would recommend ‘In Spite Of The Gods’ by Ed Luce. I read it on a flight from Bangalore to London so it can be done in about 8 hours.

    When done, try Octavio Paz’s ‘In Light of India’.

    I know you think it does not matter what people think; but the first rule of participating in the world is to _understand_ what they think before deciding whether it matters or not. And as India becomes a more involved global player, it is important to see how others see it. Even if it does not matter although these two books should and do.

  3. You could try classics of sci-fi – Asimov’s Foundation series. Tolkien’s Hobbit series. Clarke’s Rama series. Douglus Adam’s Hitchhiker series, Hubert’s Dune series.
    On a completely different flavour, try Satyajit Ray’s Adventures of Feluda (translated from original bengali). I have a feeling you will like it.

  4. what genra r u into presently???

    read ‘shantaram’ if u havent read it already…
    then there is ‘maximum city’ wch is also good…(basically its all about bombay life)
    im yet to finish ‘love in the times of cholera’…
    will let u know when im thru with it

  5. I am into real science stories.
    Try “The Lost Moon” by Jim Lovell. An awesome book on the failed Apollo 13 mission!
    You have got one really nice blog!

  6. Try ‘Kite Runner’, ‘Life Of Pi’, ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird’ 🙂
    In Non-Fiction, Try any of Vance Packard’ or ‘Aldous Huxley’s works.. 🙂

  7. Guys thanks so much for the suggestions, I am still building up a list, and may be I will publish that soon 🙂

    Autumn, I have never read fantasy, I guess thats a new genre I can explore.

    I just read the preface of both the books you have mentioned, and “In Light of India” is definitely going to find its way into my shelf soon 🙂
    btw I think I always wrote how I do think that it matters what people think 🙂

    same with science fiction, never tried one, I think its time to try one..may be hitchhiker series
    “Adventures of Feluda” does look my kind of book 🙂

    I am definitely gonna put up the list 😀

    Maximum city sounds interesting…

    Rash welcome here…oh apollo 13 …wow that sounds I said and me dont go well together though 😀

    I have read life of pi, and to kill a mocking bird 🙂
    non fiction is my first would surely check out Vance Packard’s or ‘Aldous Huxley’s work

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