As she stood there by the door,
In her pretty Valentino gown.
A Gucci bag clung to her shoulders,
And Chanel perfume lingered in the air.

An extravagant lifestyle, is what she lived
The lavish culture of the elite class.

Who imagined,
That She would,
Fall from grace“,

Reject the extravagance
For the essential “life”


The prompt over at writer’s island this week is Extravagant, also they had the prompts of class and “falling from grace“, I tried to wrap all three in one.



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  1. too good! 🙂 loved it.. i dont know what has happened to me, i am not able to think about the prompts at all.. 😦

    Thanks Priya..don’t worry about that..may be you have lots on mind right now

  2. Well done Rambler! I wonder what her essential life entails?

    Thanks Texasblu, may be she entails for a lot more than she actually got till now

  3. if rejecting extravagance is a fall from grace,, may humankind as we know it fall flat on its face….. very nice rambler….

    Paisley, one mans right can be other’s wrong isn’t it?

  4. This is lovely, extravagance has never given happiness, just a feeling of emptiness and a craving for more

    CR, extravagance and what constitutes it changes so much with time 🙂

  5. wow! Nice….Fall from grace, for the essential life. I just love these lines! Very lovely post!
    Bless You! ~Namaste~

    Thanks Neilina

  6. But, one question…why you choose ‘she’. ‘he’ can also be there?

    Neilina, I did not choose, it came instinctively, as you said it could well have been a “he”, but then the imagery in mind, it was a women :)..may be “she” was on my mind 😛

  7. sometimes we get so caught up in the material things in life we can or, for many, cannot afford, yet buy, that we forget how wonderful and liberating it can be to live a simple life. this was well done rambler.

    Thanks Rebecca.

  8. “extravagance and what constitutes it changes so much with time”
    Perhaps what we see as extravagance today could become a necessity tomorrow, but the definition of extravagance would still be the same.
    It still would remain something that is more for the sake of pomp and show rather than because we simply cannot do without it.
    Today it could be that second car, tomorrow it could be that space trip we plan. 🙂

    aha..may be tomorrow, I might think living is an extravagance cause I am drawn towards the life would that mean it is more for the sake of pomp?

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