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The topic over at skittles today is “royal”. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think royal is “palace”, there is a certain charm with the old palaces in India, something which makes you imagine how it would feel to stay in one such place.

From the time I was a kid, I have always wanted to stay in a palatial house. Palatial not in terms of richness, but in terms of its vastness, and grandeur. I have always liked big houses with large number of rooms and big courtyards. So as a kid when I narrated what I am going to do when I grew up, the number of rooms always found a mention in my plan for the future.

As a kid, I changed many schools, so one of the schools I went to was a very old school, and also had a ancient sort of building. When I first went into school for my first grade, I was so happy, my dream of spending time in ancient building was coming true, I just loved exploring in and around of the building, by the time I reached 4th grade, my last year at that school, I had kind of roamed every corner of that place.

I had one reoccurring dream as a child up until my teens, it was about me discovering a new hidden room in my house, and me trying to explore various unknown things in it, like books which I had never seen, sort of paintings, and many such things. So every morning after such a dream I was very curious. I wanted to live in such a place, we had a very small house, just a single room and a living place and a small kitchen. May be this was the reason, I got such dreams.

After I grew up I had totally forgotten about my dream, until I came across this website about interpreting our dreams. I wanted to know what my dream meant. I was surprised to see that the website said that, the house was a symbol of “me”, what I really wanted to discover was a unknown side of me. It said, I was in search of newer aspects of myself, and wanted to expand as a person.

Guess there was nothing royal about this rambling 🙂

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  1. You know Skittles doesn’t mind rule-bending. 😉 Using something as a jumping point works for me! I think that’s a fascinating interpretation of those dreams. I used to want a large house also. My mother always moved us from one apartment to another, not very big. Now my “lottery dream” isn’t a huge house, but certainly one that has a room for different purposes, such as a music room, a library, an actual dining room… A friend I had in school had an old house with many levels & lots of little nooks & crannies everywhere. I loved it!! *sigh* May both of our home dreams come true. 🙂

    I would have loved your friend’s house 🙂

  2. I feel there is royal about this rambling……you yourself has so much to discover, so much vastness in you! I also studied till my 3rd standard in one of the old building which was a palace. I was in total love with that place. But few months back, when I got the chance to visit that place again to cherish my old memories, all that I can see was just a structure of some standing walls. The earthquake had destroyed everything there. 😦 I love to live in small room, when we were constructing our house, I was telling my mom to keep my room as small as possible. 🙂
    Whts that site of dream interpretation, I always dream to be with snakes and sometimes falling from a very high cliff.

    Bless You! ~Namaste~

    snakes and cliff?..would be nice to know the interpretation for that one

  3. I have a fascination with large multi-roomed places as well! I think it would be awesome to explore an old castle.. one with secret passages and such.

    I interpret dreams. As I was reading about yours I was coming to the same conclusions that your website did. 🙂

    Skittles, totally awesome to explore :) next dream I Will send a mail to you..guess it would be nice to know your interpretation too 🙂

  4. Was still a very cool read though!!! I have always been interested in dream interpretation, and what you said about yours made total sense to me. Happy HOT day!!!

    Thanks Sue

  5. The boarding school I went to in the UK was a convent built after the Reformation, so it was pretty old. Interesting but very chilly. It apparently had a few ghosts but I did not see any.

    Enjoyed your ramble

    BC must be chilly for sure :)..ghosts? 😀

  6. I work in a large 18th century building, and there is a door which has been locked for as long a people in the village can remember. No one knows what lies beyond and there has always been an unspoken rule not to go through it.

    I can never remember my dreams. I often sense that I had an interesting one, but what it was about, I never know! Does that have a meaning do you think?

    that sounds interesting..
    Keith have you heard about dream bardos??

  7. that is so interesting your dream. i would love to find a secret room. Hey maybe it wasnt that house you were in. It could be another??

    Thanks for stopping by. I found you no probs this time! 🙂

    Another house? yeah may be 😀

  8. I like this post. I also love the idea of unknown rooms to explore and ancient buildings. Although I’ve come to learn that I don’t want to live in a giant place. But I like to have those places to explore around. 🙂

    So what website did you use to interpret your dream?

    Thanks Frigga..why no giant place?:)
    I just googled it

  9. Hey tell me where to do that dreams interpretation. As Seilina said, even I keep gettings dreams of snakes and falling from a high cliff. I would want to know what that means… also sometimes I get weird dreams which has no meaning at all… can you imagine, Salman khan singing duet to Wahida Rehman, that too in my dreams 😛

    Akshata…I googled whats with the snakes and the cliff…so many getting it.
    btw I would love the movie, fan of both Sk and Wahida Rehman.

    Even I liked big houses since child hood and I always wanted my room to be big, hugely ventilated and well lit, I wanted huge huge windows in my rooms 🙂 Coming to that I think I always liked the outdoors where there is cool breeze, bright sunshine, lots of birds’ twitters, amazing colours….

    More than any of your posts, I liked this one very very much, very simple but subtly powerful, felt very connected to 😀

    hmm hugely ventilated :)..I keep most of my windows shut 😀
    glad you liked it, but really suprised that you like this very much of all my posts

  10. Dreaming big is the key to living life kingsize!Hope your wish comes true one day 🙂

    Sameera.. I would like the king size life 🙂

  11. thats was a nice interpretation …
    contrary … i would like a normal sized house …with lots of family…. all together … and i wouldnt really mind the space crunch !
    to me a large house somehow gives an impression of emptiness……..

    hmm I think I agree with the emptiness part, but this was more about adventure.

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