You said it.


Sometimes when people who are close to you ask you a question or make some statement, even though you know they have good intentions in mind, the statements/questions sometimes flashes reality to you. And at times reality is not too great, and kind of hits you In the face, making you slightly irritated. I just collected some such questions and statements, and my after thoughts on them.

Stop talking about work…sorry guys that’s what I have got going right now, pretty much everything else is conventionally boring.

What you doing home on Friday night…unfortunately I do not have anybody to go out with, nor do I gel well amongst a unknown group of people, not enough time and skills to make new acquaintances. So you will find me at home, on Friday evening watching TV or reading a book, or finishing something for work

Whats your weekend plan?. well most of my weekend plans go to do with some writing I do for my blog, having hours of sleep to catch up on, watching an odd movie on my pc. So that’s pretty much it, I end up going out if my cousins drop in taking me out.

You worry too much.. I do agree with you on this, but somehow I am not seeing a way out, I guess I am too weak to fight this drawback of mine, or may be its time I thought about this seriously

You Think too much..yep I agree, sometimes take pride too in this fact, but nowadays I seem to have lost the big picture, whats the use? I am beginning to question myself, but sometimes I guess I am fascinated way too much on the image of living a beautiful thought

You think you are lonely..I don’t know if I should say yes or no to this, the fact is really I do not know, may be I am lonely may be I am not, may be I mistake that to being alone but not lonely.

So has the life gone forward?,
what next?…someone asked me this recently, and I couldn’t help but notice how stagnant my life has become, one of the profound questions I have been asked recently, even though I knew in what context this was put, all I could do was think about it.


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  1. it is your life,, and no one but you can change it.. that is,,, id change is what you seek.. if not,, tell them all to buzz off and continue to do what makes you happy….

    I think one does not seek or not seek change, it just happens, if you want it and if you dont want it too.
    and no its not like its their mistake you know, its jst that at this point I do not have a better answer

  2. That last question struck a chord with me-probably because of all the changes that are taking place in my life and the reason why things are changing. I can’t remember if I was asked that question by an “outsider” or if it was just a question that I’ve asked myself over and over again….but after having to admit to life being stuck in the neutral position, I realized that it was time to take that step out of the familiar and into a situation that is virtually unknown. Perhaps-since that question seems to be resonating with you as well-it’s time for you to do something dramatic in order to make some changes?

    I do not think in my case its time to do something dramatic, and generally am not such a person who takes drastic measures, I think in my perspective, for me its thinking about what I want to do next, and what should be my focus

  3. One thing that struck me was when you told the difference between being alone and lonely. I became more clearer when I read in the tarot book about this. It is such a rejoice to be alone. :), Enjoy the moment, it won’t be there after sometime!

    If my friends say that I worry too much and if I think too much, I become somewhat tensed or start thinking a lot. I feel if I am the only one behaving like this! For me the most irritated question is wht’s next………..I don’t want to answer this one even if I know!

    All these capture very very small portion of life, think life as a whole and think about yourself only, what you want to do, how you should feel, what questions you want to answer! I know you can make this change to happen.

    Bless You! ~Namaste~

    Neilina…alone and solitude can also be a lot different, solitude is amazing, but alone need not be good always
    whats next is a question which we need to answer to ourselves more than anybody else.

  4. oh you ask me. yeah these things bother. but seriously I dont take these people much seriously; and if these are the things I like or enjoy why should I need to change them for the sake of someone else. I would change them only If I feel the need .

    Sunshine, these are the people who are close to me, and they are the ones who really want good for me.
    Its not for the sake of someone else, somewhere we need to answer ourselves, what next

  5. I’ve always hated the question of what’s next and moving on. Movement and transition is not always needed for life to be enjoyable or even fulfilling. Corporations make sure to always grow and move; people are more complex- we can be fine where we are at.

    I like your idea of a comparison between corporation and people.

  6. Can you please be clear now on soltitude and aloness…. 🙂 m little bit confused on this!
    Yeah, I know I need to answer this question to myself only, but why other ask this question,….I am irritated sometimes when they ask this!
    Bless You! ~Namaste~

    Solitude is more of a mental state where you are not plagued by people and internal noise, where you can concentrate more on what you want to think about
    Aloneness is more about a physical state where you do not have anybody else with you or around you 🙂

  7. I miss you Rambler, I miss your thoughts and perspective. I miss your words and introspect. I miss you… 😦 It’s been too long, I am sorry. I hope you are well, my dearest friend.


    Ireland..long are you doing buddy?..hope to see you around soon

  8. But I thought aloness, loneliness and soltitude are mental state. Physically, we don’t have anybody else to talk or around you. Is it like this, loneliness can be aloneness also? Aloneness is presence of oneself. It is an overflowing presence. But in loneliness, you always feel that it would have been better if the other were there – your wife, your friend, your parents! And Soltitude is the higher form of aloneness, which takes you to your very best.

    This is what I think! Make me correct please, if still you feel I am confused. 🙂

    Bless You! ~Namaste~

    Yes you are right that all three are mental, solitude is indeed a higher form of aloneness, but when someone says he/she is alone, its more indicative that there is no one else physically present around, however solitude is a step where you really don’t bother about physical presence of anyone, you would have passed that stage.

  9. in that case then; just asking questions does not help. one need to identify what really needs to be done in case things start bothering. probably a good discussion can help to identify to set expectations in right direction.

    BM, so what if you really don’t know what to discuss about, what if you yourself is not clear about your stand?

  10. Rambler
    The discussion could be about the questions said above. That’s what friends and family are meant for. Many a times you tend to get that missing link from conversation with your parents/loveed ones/anyone who matters you. There is no hurry to make up the stand. But at the same time it is not gonna happen overnight right ? And keeping all this inside your system are nt gonna get you anywhere. it is still nt going to get you that stand. You know what i mean ?

    Liked your idea, I think you are right, may be I will find the missing link when I speak to some of the people whom you have mentioned.

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