The selfish “I”


Guys I know many of you guys have tagged me, and I am yet to do them. I had so many of them to do and I could not choose which one to do. So I thought I will go with a tag which no one tagged me for :). This is something which I picked from Nita’s blog here.

So here it goes.


I am: At an interim.
I think: weirdly.
I know: that life may change.
I want: to be wild.
I have: a boring lifestyle.
I wish: for a miracle.
I hate: people who don’t keep up time.
I miss: unknown stuff.
I fear: boredom.
I feel: I got to change.
I hear: honks of passing by traffic.
I smell: aroma of a nice dish.
I crave: for a nice vacation
I search: for wisdom
I wonder: Why I am the way I am
I regret: Having mixed priorities while growing up.
I love: relationships
I ache: when my ankle hurts
I care: pretty much everything
I am not: always smiling, even though I have a smile on my face
I believe: in people
I dance: never
I sing: every waking moment
I cry: been a long time
I don’t always: frown
I fight: boredom
I write: things which I don’t say in person
I win: when I am right
I lose: patience easily
I never: say NO generally
I always: seem to be on my computer
I confuse: words. Use them wrongly
I listen: to anyone who has something to say
I can usually be found: being lost.
I am scared: of dogs
I need: people.
I am happy about: many things.

Since “no one” tagged me to do this, I am not tagging anyone 🙂


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  1. “I am not: always smiling, even though I have a smile on my face”-I can truly relate.
    I’ve gotta do this one! 🙂

    Oh sure go ahead and try it 🙂

  2. Rambler,

    It has been a long time. Too long. My blog is converting into my daily internal thoughts with the occasional story when I can.

    I write: things which I don’t say in person

    So, so true. I’ve missed your comments.

    Welcome back Laura

  3. You are not weird at all. I think you are very smart and that is why you are bored easily. Just do something new that changes your days You are just fine Just trust that things will be all right

    Marja .. trying to work on that one

  4. Are you scared of dogs?? hehehehehe….if you come to our area, then you must need some body guard 🙂 But I think your singing will make them happy, all my doggy neighbours will love your singing!

    Totally scared of dogs, always have been. Well I need body guard in our area many stray dogs here as well;

  5. I should do this too.. sounds interesting!! By the way something for you at my blog, come see!

    please do let me know when you do this..would be fun to read 🙂

  6. You sound a lot like me.

    I just wanted to thank you for your comment on my H or T post about the dogwood. I have been without power for a few days and so am quite behind in acknowledging folk.

    Hey problem you are welcome any time

  7. Nice to know more about you!

    P.S. Since you have turned off comments for the latest post,just want to say…Keep the faith! 🙂

    Have a nice weekend!

    Thanks Sameera.

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