I wrote this when I was slightly down, yesterday morning to be precise, after a not so good night “here“, this was a sort of after math If I could call it that. Anyways today I am totally over it, and as though nothing happened. Isn’t life amazing?.

The topic over at writer’s island, today is superstition, and here are my 55 cents, oh I mean words on the subject.


Standing in front of a cracked mirror,
He looked deep into his own eyes,

Trying to look for an answer,
Look for a confirmation.

His actions and conclusions,
His beliefs and trusts
Why did all seem like a lie?
All his rights, now seem wrong

He was superstitious agreed,
His misfortune,

“Life” became his “Superstition”.

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  1. Life…zindagi….jeevana as superstition! Great! I love this concept. Then, for whole life will he be living with this superstition? Now doesn’t mean always, right?
    I am copying this poem…… 🙂 Is this okay na?

    Bless You Always! ~Namaste~

    superstition need not be bad always, sometimes its this blinding trust which helps us live a satisfied life 🙂

  2. You are just getting better and better 🙂
    Or is it a reflection of going through hard times?
    I have noticed that the worse we feel, the better we write (at times).
    I love this one, a new take altogether, but cheer up soon, I miss the eternally optimistic Rambler 😛

    Thanks CR.. welcome back after a long time :)..hopefully the old me will be back soon

  3. I’m going to think about this all day… life as a superstition… what an amazing concept, for if true… what does that mean??? Agreed, not bad or wrong, but what does this gaze into the cracked mirror hold???

    Glad you can write about the ruff stuff… these days, not many words coming from me, but sometimes it is those dark places that are the most fertile for me… they are not easy to live in.. I don’t think I would trade them though… they are part of what makes me who I am… I like living in the shadows… not the complete dark, or the complete light, but moving in and out…

    Lea..cracked mirror does hold a lot for us, but its our superstions which stops us looking beyond
    oh don’t we all do that?, the plain sunshine life will be boring…right :)..or may be its a case of sour grapes speaking.

  4. cracked mirror… now isnt there some superstition about that too.. lovely as always!!!

    oh yeah there are lots of superstitions about the cracked mirror :)-

  5. Your poem Rmabler, which is just fantastic, has been working me for the last 24 hours… it evoked a memory in me… a superstition long forgotten, but reflected back to me now in your words…

    Cracked mirror
    holds the shards of our marriage…
    like the diamond
    that held my fingers and heart
    in bondage…
    Seven years
    in the shattering,
    the reflection
    distorted beyond recognition,
    my gaze
    I see the sharp splinters
    of your anger
    reach through the empty frame
    to strangle the very breath of
    my being…
    But only a ghost remains
    to sweep up the
    silver dust,
    and the silhouette that still shimmers
    in the place between
    the broken glass…

    And you say the words are not flowing?..this was excellent..I know a lot of darkness in there..but still amazingly worded.
    A superstition like many other things has good and bad to it, the right and the wrong, the sun and the darkness. The cracked mirror can be used to remind us that crack is just in the image not in us..its just an image of us which was hurt, slit, or taken advantage of,, and even today we are in one piece, much happier and much richer in experience. I am sorry that my poem reminded you of a superstition long forgotten, but I am happy to see that you realize its “long forgotten” and you are at a stage where you are proud to believe it “was” a superstition.

  6. I am not sure which superstition will help me to live a satisfied life.

    probably you could check my response to Lea’s comment.

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