One night stand


They lay there naked,
holding hands,
by the side of a lonely beach,
on a full moon night.

No inhibitions of sorts,
No hesitation in the mind,
No words exchanged,
Silence all around.
Pure love is what they shared.

To break the ice,
He said
“Love is in the air
She replied
“its” existence “questionable”.


Prompt this week over at writer’s island is “questionable“, and here is my attempt.

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  1. Are you sure you have writen this ? i read this somewhere else too 🙂

    Ashu.. I have written this..please be sure before accusing someone of is one of the worst things you could say to a blogger.

  2. Ah, the existence of love. Prompts the question, what is it?
    It’s had poets and philosophers in a stew for centuries.

    When we think has love as a philosophy I do agree with you, but when I see it as something between two people..I find it hard to believe it can be so complex.

  3. love is in fact something that everyone hungers after but very few find…

    Giselle..I agree is something which you need not even hunger for..but still find its way

  4. Probably the wrong time for philosophy. But there never is a good time to wax philosophical, so might as well speak up. *g*

    Hehhe constance did not mean it in that way

  5. Hey, first congrats for coming-up with romantic entry…….hope it continues… 🙂 You mind imagines so nicely about romanticism! Continue to write about it. This one has really beautiful imagination!
    Whatever doubts I had, all has been answered. I love these lines, “Silence all around, Pure love is what they shared”. One thing, I want to say , if I have to reply the guy’s sentence, I would have said, “its existence….unquestionable”!

    Bless You Always! ~Namaste~

    Thanks Neilina..actually had forgotten about my no more romance resolutions 😀


  6. Nothing calculated, nothing planned… love that happens in spotaneity works magic. I imagine pyrotechnics in the shape of heart as backdrop to this romantic scene. Questionable? nah! As long as the lovers believe.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques

    Jeques..thats the problem.. if the lovers believe but in different things

  7. Hah
    Love is a myth
    For the questioning minds
    For the accepting
    It is simply there
    Like air…

    CR..Nicely is how you see it..but the problem is there are people who don’t want to see it,snub it, or try to mask what they really feel. Some might be the ones who have burnt their hands one, some just afraid of it, some trying to get kicks out of it.

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  9. Presence of lust;
    Kills all other existences;
    The believing minds
    question the immortal truths !!

    Bluemist..actually honestly speaking did not have lust on mind when I wrote his or her views..its more of how they look at love.. or how they want themselves looking at it.
    BTW I do not agree that presence of lust kills all other existences.

  10. oh how sad. She should have said she was madly in love with him too…okay I’m lying. I liked it and its true…lust and love are two entirely different entities. At least the woman had a grasp on reality 😉

    Jen.. as I replied to BM..I did not think she had lust on mind..she just didnt have love defined 🙂

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