A bow


Stepped in
I got,
To Offer,
Little bow.


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  1. Nice! I am imagining what if God suddenly comes in-front of me. My situation will be exactly like this. It is really superb. I am wondering from where these words came in you! Really I felt a sense of completeness. I am short of words to describe this!

    When You, Stepped out Unexpected, All I got to offer myself was completeness! Just adding some lines for my heart!

    Bless You Always! ~Namaste~

    Thanks Nelina..but to me it was not God who was one mind when I wrote this 🙂

  2. nice one! may i know the thought process that went behind this poem? are u referring to god in this poem?

    priya.. no I was not referred to god here, I was referring to a [un]exepected day in life.. I was thinking of “death”

  3. after a long time i peeped into your blog – got a lovely nugget of poetry. Beautiful.
    Btw, why are you not online these days? Naanu ivaga udupi nalli iddini 🙂 home sweet home.

    Thanks Rusty..yeah a long time no see..no I am online these days..neenu udupige yavag bande?..

  4. Now that you gave a clue it is making much sense to me. otherwise poor clueless me 😦

    Sunshine..to be honest..I wanted this to be clueless.. I wanted each of us..including me to imagine all possible people who can arrive unexpected,and only reaction we can offer is to bow in respect.:)

  5. oh aithu eradu vaara, will be leaving back this month end. was taking a break 🙂 i thought ninge sittu banthu nan feed back (remember our chat?) ninda thats why online illa ankonde..

    Eradu vaara admele ping madtidya?..mosa alva?..O sittu gittu enu illa 🙂

  6. I like this! I played with the word bow… as in taking a bow, and placing a bow on a package. By changing just that one word, it changed the whole feeling of the poem for me. Then, I just read back through your responses and find that you were thinking of death… and here I was thinking that the “You” was another person!

    Well death can be a person too…a personification of death I suppose 🙂

  7. I loved the poem, more importantly, I loved your comment to Priyaiyer – yes, death can be the most romantic moment of all 😀

    Thanks CR..romance in death..well I people have written volumes on that 🙂

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